• Montanism Devotional

    Ephesians 4:4–6

    Even today there is a tendency to distinguish between different kinds of believers in some corners of the church. We hear of “Spirit-filled” and “non-Spirit-filled” Christians. Some also make a distinction between “carnal” and “spiritual” believers. But all those who believe in Jesus have the Spirit, and even though some Christians may be further along in their spiritual journey, there is no power for Christian living that is available only to certain believers. View Resource

  • Justin Martyr Devotional

    Acts 17:16–33

    Because the church often lives just like those in the world, most of us today would not ask non-Christians to look to the behavior of professing Christians as proof for the gospel. Of course, the truth of the gospel depends on God’s trustworthiness, not the deeds of those who claim to follow Christ. Still, those outside the faith will ignore Christianity if we live no differently than the world; thus, we must work to fulfill the “law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2). View Resource

  • Jonathan Edwards Devotional

    Psalm 34:8

    The greatest legacy that Edwards has left the church is his teachings on the perfect justice of God and the unsurpassable sweetness of Christ. Take some time to consider today just how much punishment your sins deserve and how gracious God has been to you in Christ. With Bible in hand, meditate on the sweetness of Christ. View Resource

  • John Calvin Devotional

    Jeremiah 29:13–14

    Once God has sovereignly transformed our heart, our goal must be to offer it back to Him both promptly and sincerely. Take some time to examine yourself for any insincerity on your part towards the Lord. In prayer, ask Him to help you always be sincere in your relationship with Him and offer up your heart to Him today. View Resource

  • Martin Luther, Part 2 Devotional

    Romans 3:21–22a

    When we trust in Christ alone for our salvation, our sins are imputed to Him as the one who bore the wrath that we deserve. Consequently, by faith alone His righteousness is imputed to us, and we are declared “not guilty” by the Father. Rejoice in this marvelous exchange, and enjoy the freedom that your salvation grants you. View Resource

  • Martin Luther, Part 1 Devotional

    Romans 3:20

    Apart from Christ, the law of God crushes us. It demonstrates how unable we are to meet God’s demands. It shows us that we can never do enough to earn back the life Adam enjoyed before he fell into sin. The only one who can do this is Christ. Thank Him for accomplishing our salvation, and continue to confess your need for His work. View Resource

  • Thomas Aquinas Devotional

    Psalm 19

    God has revealed Himself both in the Scriptures and in the physical world. Therefore, if we find a seeming contradiction between the two, we have not understood correctly either the Scriptures, the physical world, or both. Purpose to study special revelation, the Word of God, and do not neglect the study of God’s general revelation. View Resource

  • Augustine Devotional

    Romans 13:13–14

    Augustine said, “Oh Lord, thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” Augustine’s life is a good example of the truth of this statement. Only Jesus can give us rest. If you are a Christian, thank Him for the rest He brings us. If you are not a believer, trust in Jesus so that you may enter His rest. View Resource

  • Athanasius Devotional

    John 10:22–30

    Arian teaching has not disappeared from the world. Cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses embrace Arius as a model of faith. Liberals within Christian denominations deny the divinity of Christ. Study the New Testament diligently so that you would not be deceived by false teachers, and pray for the strength to stand against heresy. View Resource

  • Polycarp Devotional

    Matthew 16

    Whoever values his own life more than Jesus will actually lose it (Matt. 16:25). Martyrdom seems foreign to us in the United States, but it is a daily reality for many in this world. Pray that suffering believers would stand firm for Christ and that you would be willing to die for Him if such persecution becomes a reality where you are. View Resource