• How should we interpret promises in the Psalms that no harm will strike us? Question and Answer

    Psalms 91

    Some of those promises are reiterations of promises that the Lord made to David, which are not necessarily indicative of universal promises that apply to all Christians. First of all, they’re poetic. The Psalms belong to that body of literature in the Old Testament called Wisdom Literature. Wisdom Literature, in the Proverbs, for example, says things like, “Don’t answer a fool according to his folly” (Prov. 26:4), and then the next verse says, “Answer a fool according to his folly” (Prov. 26:5). How in the world do you square that? It’s like in our own proverbial adages that we have, … View Resource

  • What principles of interpretation can help me read the Bible? Question and Answer

    Many of our listeners and students know that hermeneutics is at the very foundation of how we know what we believe in our theology, how we understand Scripture, and how we interpret Scripture. In many ways, hermeneutics was the key for me in coming to understand the doctrines of grace and the doctrine of salvation in Scripture. It was equally significant for me in coming to understand covenant theology and the Bible’s view of the end times and eschatology, or the study of last things. It was also foundational in understanding paedobaptism, or infant baptism. If you don’t study hermeneutics … View Resource