• Why should Christians study the Old Testament? Question and Answer

    Oftentimes, those who have just come to the faith spend a lot of time reading the New Testament. It’s a very good thing for people who are unacquainted with the Bible to begin with the New Testament. Christians who have believed for a while or been raised in the faith come to appreciate more and more the depth of meaning in the New Testament when viewed against the background of the Old Testament. God knew what He was doing in preparing for the coming of Jesus. So much of what we know and say about Jesus really doesn’t make sense … View Resource

  • How can I become more biblically literate? Question and Answer

    You need to be under the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. That begins in a local church with a pastor who preaches the Bible, who has nothing to say except the Bible. Then, you need to do your own personal study, which you can do through the various means that Ligonier has. There is a wealth of material that Ligonier has on how to be biblically literate. You need to know the storyline of the Bible. You need to know the main movements of the Bible. You need to know the theology and the doctrine of the … View Resource

  • Can I listen to sermons every day instead of studying God’s Word? Question and Answer

    Acts 17:11

    It’s vital to have primary contact with the Scriptures themselves. It can be helpful and healthy to be listening to faithful teachers of the Word of God, but that should be a supplement to your own reading of God’s Word, meditation on God’s Word, and memorization of God’s Word. Laypeople, with whatever skills they may have, should be seeking for themselves to understand the Word of God. Every member of the church should have the spirit of the Bereans in the book of Acts, where they are searching the Scriptures for themselves to see those things that are true (Acts … View Resource

  • How can I deepen my understanding of my own sinfulness? Question and Answer

    James 1:22-25

    The two primary ways to do that are prayer and the Scriptures. I would give those same two answers for a lot of areas of spiritual growth, spiritual discipline, and spiritual development. The more I am taking in God’s Word and God’s Word is being for me a mirror that causes me to see myself as I really am before God (James 1:22–25), the more it helps me recognize my sinfulness and my need for the grace of God. Prayer, particularly prayer that includes the element of confession (which should be a regular part of Christian practice), keeps before me … View Resource

  • Why should Christians study Christology? Question and Answer

    It’s amazing, in a sense, that anyone would have to ask that question. Christians are about Christ. To have to convince Christians that knowing about Christ is important seems like such a counterintuitive reality. What we need to see is that the more we know about Christ, the more profoundly we’ll grasp all that He did for us and all that He is in Himself as God and man come in the flesh. So, Christology is learning more about Jesus so we can love and follow Him better. It should be an earnest desire of every Christian heart. … View Resource

  • What’s your favorite teaching series from R.C. Sproul? Question and Answer

    That’s sort of overwhelming. R.C. was such a master verbal communicator that, almost every time, the last one I heard was my favorite. The Holiness of God, Chosen by God – those early works of his were foundational for so many people and such a blessing. They were able to draw people into aspects of biblical truth that had been neglected in many American evangelical circles. So I would tend to go back to those foundational works that were so fine. This transcript is from a live Ask Ligonier event with W. Robert Godfrey and has been … View Resource

  • What is a good source for learning Bible study methodology? Question and Answer

    At our seminary in California, Dennis Johnson has published a series of books, one of which is called Walking with Jesus through His Word. It is a wonderful aid to seeing how all the Bible points to Jesus. I think it’s at the heart of Bible study to see how the Bible leads us to Jesus and encourages us to live in Jesus. So there is the work of Dennis Johnson, Walking with Jesus through His Word. He has also done a more abbreviated version of that for people who are just starting out, called Journeys with … View Resource