• The Victory of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 16:29-31

    Samson’s death was a victory of faith. He glorified God more in his death than in all of his life. On the other hand, Samson would be the final judge in Israel, and the remainder of the book of Judges narrates Israel’s further decline into idolatry and moral depravity. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey surveys the final moments of Samson’s life and the finale of the book of Judges. View Resource

  • The Humiliation of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 16:15-28

    The state of our heart is one of God’s primary concerns. He calls us to love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The ultimate tragedy of Samson’s life is that he would give his heart to Delilah when he should have given it to the Lord. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey directly connects Samson’s humiliation at the hands of the Philistines to his betrayal of the Lord. View Resource

  • The Foolishness of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 16:1-14

    Samson reigned as a judge in Israel for twenty years, yet we are not told about the quality of his rule during this period. What we do know is that Samson would eventually fall back into his foolish ways. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey walks us through Samson’s encounter with a prostitute as the summary statement of his judgeship and introduces Samson’s ultimate folly with Delilah. View Resource

  • The Calling of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 15:4-20

    The escalating violence in Samson’s life points to the seriousness of Samson’s disobedience, yet God was still raising up Samson to be a judge in Israel. The consequences of Samson’s sin actually became the catalyst for his concern for Israel. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey continues to narrate the episodes of act 2 in Samson’s life to show how God is able to use people despite their sin. View Resource

  • The Selfishness of Samson Media Resource by

    Judges 14:1-15:3

    Samson’s choice of a wife was characterized by self-indulgence. He walked by sight and not by faith, yet God still used him as a judge in Israel. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey demonstrates how Samson’s selfishness led to dark and violent episodes of tyranny and revenge. View Resource

  • The Riddle of Samson Media Resource by

    Hebrews 11:32

    Samson is a puzzling character. What are we to make of him? Is he an example of faith or disobedience—or both? The English poet John Milton called Samson a “mirror of our fickle state.” In this lesson, we will consider the reasons why the story of Samson deserves close examination and his place in the context of the book of Judges. View Resource

  • God’s Design for Adam (Pre-Conference) Media Resource by

    This morning, as we turn to focus and to look at God’s design for Adam — as we’ve just spent some time marveling and looking at the wonder, and the joy, and the delight of what God has done in creating — we’re now going to turn to look specifically at the creation of man. And, while we’ve had some fun thinking about various things about the glory of creation, I now want to turn with you to really an area of contention, an area of debate, and step back a bit into history with you. In the 19th century, … View Resource

  • Paul’s Conversion and Calling Media Resource by

    Acts 9:1-18

    In Acts 8, Saul of Tarsus was on his way to Damascus to apprehend Christians fleeing from persecution in that city. Little did he realize that the Lord was shaping his entire life for this decisive moment. Both Paul (Gal. 1, Phil. 3, and 1 Tim. 1) and Luke (Acts 9, 22, and 26) would one day look back on this event as a watershed in Paul’s life. On this very Damascus road, as Dr. Waters observes, “grace burst into the life of Saul of Tarsus.” In this lesson, then, we will study the details of Paul’s conversion and calling. … View Resource

  • Paul’s Life Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:5

    Imagine if you were a first-century Christian meeting the Apostle Paul—or Saul of Tarsus, as he was called by his Jewish name. Instead of admiring him, you likely would have feared him as you faced this violent persecutor of believers. With this fact and other details in mind, we start this study of Paul’s thought with an examination of his life. Why not just jump into his theology? Because, as Dr. Waters affirms, we “can’t separate Paul the theologian from Paul the man, and Scripture certainly does not.” In this lesson, then, we will learn of Saul before his conversion … View Resource

  • Facing the Alliance Media Resource by

    Joshua 10:1-27

    View Resource

  • The Seriousness of Sin Media Resource by

    Joshua 7:1-26

    View Resource

  • Jericho Media Resource by

    Joshua 6:1-27

    According to the rules of war established by God, Joshua and the army of Israel were ordered to leave no survivors in Jericho. What was the purpose of the absolute destruction of the people of Jericho? Dr. Sproul addresses this question in this message, explaining the reason God called Joshua to conquer Jericho. View Resource

  • The Warrior Media Resource by

    Joshua 5:13-15

    Joshua had to lead the armies of Israel into many battles to rid the promised land of the existing nations. During one of those battles, Joshua suddenly encountered the Commander of the Lord’s army. Oddly, Joshua bowed down and worshipped Him. Who was this mysterious figure? Was He Michael the Archangel, Gabriel, perhaps, or some other angel? If He was an angel, why did Joshua bow down and worship Him? Dr. Sproul explores this question as he takes us back to that moment in redemptive history to discover the identity of the Commander of the Lord’s army. View Resource

  • Be Strong and Courageous Media Resource by

    Joshua 1:1-9

    All of us have battles that we must overcome in our lives. Sickness, the death of loved ones, and financial crisis are just a few of the battles we face. If ever there were times we wanted to experience God’s presence, these would be them. But how many of us feel abandoned by God when we don’t sense His presence? How can we get assurance that He is there in our midst? Beginning this series on The Book of Joshua, Dr. Sproul reminds us that the same God who went with Joshua and the people into the promised land also … View Resource

  • The Scarlet Cord Media Resource by

    Joshua 2:1-21

    The book of Hebrews lists Rahab, the prostitute from Jericho, as one of the faithful in the company of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah. Why was Rahab listed among these prominent biblical figures? Some say it is because she lied to protect the Hebrew spies. What do you say? Is it an act of faith to lie? In this message, Dr. Sproul considers this account as he gives us perspective on Rahab’s life, and teaches us about the typological significance of the scarlet chord she used to keep her safe from the Hebrew army. View Resource