• The Gospel Goes Forth Devotional

    Mark 16:20

    When God saves His people, He equips them to preach the gospel according to their abilities where they find themselves. The gospel message is not something we can keep to ourselves, but we must proclaim the lordship of Christ to our children, our spouses, our friends, our family, and our communities. Let us pray for boldness to preach the gospel, and let us make disciples where God has called us. View Resource

  • Apostolic Signs and Wonders Devotional

    Mark 16:17–18

    John Calvin writes, “Miracles were promised only for a time, in order to give luster to the gospel, while it was new and in a state of obscurity.” Miracles confirm that those who claim to be giving divine revelation are actually from God, and once this revelation has been given, miracles are no longer needed. But God continues to intervene supernaturally in His creation, so we pray for the sick and believe the Lord is able to heal them. View Resource

  • Commissioning the Disciples Devotional

    Mark 16:14–15

    Many Christians go through periods of doubt and think that this makes them unable to serve the Lord or to be used by Him to do great things. We dare not believe such untruths, however. What matters is whether we trust Christ in the present. If we trust Him today, He can use us for the good of His kingdom no matter how we have failed in the past. View Resource

  • Fearful Women Devotional

    Mark 16:8

    Our actions tend to reveal what we really believe, so if we believe Christ has been raised from the dead, we must tell the world. And we tell the world by telling those with whom we have personal contact about Jesus and supporting the work of the church to make disciples of all nations. Are you sharing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection? Are you giving to and praying for the task of world missions? View Resource

  • The Common Act of Resurrection Devotional

    Mark 16:5–7

    Because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all have the same essence, they must work in common toward creation. One person of the Trinity is not more powerful than another, nor is any divine work the exclusive act of just one person. Thus, all three persons are equally worthy of our worship, and we will spend eternity glorying in and worshiping the Holy Trinity. View Resource

  • With a Rich Man in His Death Devotional

    Mark 15:42–47

    John Calvin comments that in Jesus’ burial, “the cursing, which he had endured for a short time, began to be removed; for his body was not thrown into a ditch in the ordinary way, but honorably laid in a hewn sepulcher.” His burial proves that His work of atonement was perfect, so we are called to look only to Him for reconciliation with God. Our works do not and cannot atone for our sin. View Resource

  • Faithful Women Devotional

    Mark 15:40–41

    Even if we deny God before others, He will forgive us when we repent. However, an impenitent refusal to be identified as a follower of Jesus is an indication that saving faith is not present. Are you prepared to stand firm for Jesus no matter the cost? Pray that the Lord would strengthen you to be faithful to Him. And if you have denied Christ, repent and return to Him this day. View Resource

  • The Prophet-Mediator Devotional

    Deuteronomy 18:15–22

    Christ our mediator is the perfect bridge between God and human beings because He is both truly God and truly man. Thus, He cannot fail to reconcile to His Father all who trust in Him alone for salvation. If you are in Christ, you are truly at peace with the Lord. So rejoice in His peace this day and remember that it is all yours because of Christ alone. View Resource

  • The Priest From the Order of Melchizedek Devotional

    Hebrews 7

    Knowing that Christ holds an eternal priesthood, we are confident that we are secure in Him forever. Our salvation is grounded not in our ability to persevere but in the power of the eternal High Priest after the order of Melchizedek, Christ Jesus our Lord, to preserve us. In times of doubt and discouragement, let us turn to Him, for He will sustain us to the end. View Resource

  • The Fleeing Disciples Devotional

    Mark 14:50–52

    Certainly there was a real young man who actually fled the arrest of Jesus, leaving his clothes behind. That he was a real historical person, however, does not take away from the fact that we can see in him a warning to us. The temptation to flee our Christian profession is strong when there is a real cost to our obedience, and if we trust in ourselves, we will fail. Let us ask the Lord for the strength and grace to persevere under trial. View Resource

  • Peter’s Confession of Faith Devotional

    Mark 8:27—30

    First Timothy 3:15 calls the church “a pillar and buttress of the truth,” holding up the truth before the world. Yet if the church is not grounded in the truth, it cannot hold it up before the world. Therefore, insofar as we are able and according to our callings, it is important for each of us to support the work of ensuring that the church remains committed to biblical truth. View Resource

  • Superior, Not Equal Devotional

    Mark 3:11-12

    Many believers have questions about the demonic such as “Can a Christian be demon possessed?” The fact that Satan is not equal in power to God helps us understand that though the devil is mighty, He is still subject to the Lord’s sovereign control. God’s omnipotent care for His children means that believers cannot be possessed by demons and that no scheme of the evil one will result in his ultimate victory over God’s people. Safe in the hands of Jesus, we need not fear anything Satan can throw at us. View Resource

  • The King’s Glorious Bride Devotional

    Psalm 45:10-17

    Believers are concerned to mortify sin and grow in holiness, so it is easy to become discouraged when we feel like we are failing in this task and are struggling against the sins that seem to overpower us. If you find yourself in this situation, take heart: your Groom is working to make you beautiful. He is conforming you to His image even when you think you are not making much progress at all, and He has already clothed you in His perfect righteousness so that you stand before God unafraid. View Resource

  • The Divine and Davidic Throne Devotional

    Psalm 45:1-9

    What are we to look for in a godly leader? Are we to find someone who simply wants to get the job done even if it means steamrolling the people under him? The answer is no. If even the Davidic king was to be characterized by meekness, truth, and righteousness, then surely lesser leaders are to model the same. This is particularly important in the church. As we seek leaders in our churches, let us look for those who humbly serve God and His people. View Resource

  • En Route to Rome Devotional

    Romans 15:22-24

    As long as our intentions and plans are for godly ends, it is right and perfectly wise to look ahead and chart out an anticipated course of action. However, we must always remember that we are not in final control of our lives and that God in His providence may redirect us or keep some of our plans from coming to pass. In such cases, as in all circumstances in life, we must trust in the Lord’s wisdom and humbly submit to His will. View Resource