• Have Eternal Life Article by William Barcley

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2016

    This past summer, because of the generosity of friends in our church, my wife and I were able to spend a week together in Cozumel, Mexico. It was a wonderful trip. Our resort was on the beach. The food was excellent. The water was a beautiful shade of blue I’d never seen before. But best of all, I was able to have uninterrupted enjoyment of my bride of twenty-five years. One day, late in the afternoon, when we were sitting on the beach reading, without a care in the world except for when we were going to get ready to … View Resource

  • The Secret of Contentment Article by William Barcley

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2012

    Contentment is one of the most difficult Christian virtues to attain. Almost four hundred years ago, Jeremiah Burroughs referred to the “rare jewel” of Christian contentment. It is safe to say that contentment is no more common in our day than it was in Burroughs’. Yet, it remains one of the most crucial virtues. A contented Christian is the one who best knows God’s sovereignty and rests in it. A contented Christian trusts God, is pure in heart, and is the one most willing to be used of God—however God sees fit. We live in a world that breeds discontent. … View Resource