• How can I witness to my friends who say they’re Christians but their actions say otherwise? Question and Answer

    HORTON: It is hard to know what to say exactly. That is a very large and difficult problem. I would say the best way to approach it for someone who isn’t privy to the specifics is to press them on whether they belong to a local church. Because if they are a professing member of a local church, then they’re accountable to that body. You obviously can’t discipline them as a fellow student. You can encourage and rebuke and so forth, but it’s given especially into the hands of the elders to do that in an official way. So I … View Resource

  • Is there a point where we can go too far in confessing our sins to one another? Question and Answer

    NICHOLS: If it’s a particular sin against a brother or a sister, sometimes we think, “Well, I’ve confessed that to God. I’m now forgiven of that sin.” But I think we do have another obligation if it was a particular sin and a particular offense. Yes, we confess that sin to God, because ultimately all sins are sins against God. But we also have an obligation to go to that brother or sister and confess that offense and seek restoration and even restitution, if necessary, so that we can have fellowship again within the body of Christ. But there are … View Resource