• Joy in Our Work Article by Trillia Newbell

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2017

    Monday is likely the most dreaded day of the week. And we all know why. It’s the day that crushes the anticipation of Friday, the joy of Saturday, and the restfulness of Sunday. It’s Monday when most of us return to work, or, at the very least, return to normal, regularly scheduled busyness. Monday is dreaded by most because most seem to dread their work. But does it have to be that way? Is there a way instead to find true and lasting joy in our labors, particularly in vocations that often include mundane demands and repetitive labor? Motherhood certainly … View Resource

  • Holistically Pro-Life Article by Trillia Newbell

    FROM TABLETALK | March 2016

    In the beginning, God created. He made the earth, sea, heavens, creatures, and He formed male and female. God did not have to create life. He didn’t need humans to inhabit the earth. But He chose to breathe life into us. Don’t let the familiarity of this diminish its significance. Psalm 8:4 asks the question, “What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” And we should all wonder the same. As we know, God is holy and majestic. We agree with David in Psalm 8 that when we look … View Resource

  • Sin, Repentance, and Walking in the Light Article by Trillia Newbell

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2015

    Our smallest offense deserves the full wrath of God. That’s hard to hear if we forget that God has not only covered our sin in Christ but also allows us to approach Him continually to receive that grace anew. We also know that God is holy—set apart in His perfection, glory, and majesty. We are sinners who sin every day. Our sin should grieve us but not condemn, because we serve a God who is good and gracious but also holy and just. So, what are we to do with this enigma of our sinfulness and God’s holiness that clings … View Resource

  • Bearers of God’s Image Article by Trillia Newbell

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2014 | Genesis 1:26-28

    In the beginning, God created all of mankind in His image, male and female alike (Gen. 1:26). And we know that before the foundation of the world, God, in His goodness and kindness, had His people in mind (Eph. 1:4). It was no surprise to our omniscient Father that Adam and Eve fell and sin entered the world. He knew people would not worship and delight in Him. Knowing this, He didn’t have to give us aspects of Himself, but He did. God—the holy one, pure and awesome—created us to reflect aspects of His beauty and character. We are not … View Resource