• Worthy of Work Article by Tim Dick

    FROM TABLETALK | March 2007 | Genesis 29

    Several years ago, my wife and I agreed to coordinate the Sunday evening children’s classes at our local church for the entire summer. Our church often asked for volunteers to do this or they would have to cancel the program during those months. We looked at this as an opportunity to do ministry together, serving Christ and the families of our church. When we told our pastor we would like to take on this project, he said he wanted to have another conversation with us before we said yes. Looking back, I appreciate our pastor’s warning as we pursued this … View Resource

  • A Holy Foundation Article by Tim Dick

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2006

    As I began to prepare to write this article, many memories from 1979 overcame me. That was the year my wife, Sherrie, and I were married. It was also the year I became a Christian. One could say it was a foundational year, shaping my thoughts for the life ahead. It was the first time I had ever heard about the holiness of God — both the series and the concept. When Chuck Colson was asked what he thought about The Holiness of God, he stated: “The Holiness of God drove me to my knees and dramatically changed my … View Resource

  • Are You Listening? Article by Tim Dick

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2005

    Communication is always a hot topic at management seminars and for consultants that relentlessly try to convince me they can improve our ministry. Having several years of experience in what is known as “cold calling” in a sales-type industry, I patiently wait to hear the sales pitch, and then I politely say, “no thank you.” How many times has this happened to you with sales people? Sometimes, they just don’t seem to listen. In fact, they are trained not to listen to your negative response and to continue pushing for the sale. The fundamental concept that leads to effective … View Resource