• What is an “ordinary means of grace” ministry?

    Acts 6:4

    FERGUSON: An ordinary means of grace ministry is the thrill, from the point of view of those who share in that ministry, of the exposition of Scripture in different ways and at different levels and watching the Word of God …Read More

  • What is the goal of reformation?

    Romans 1

    FERGUSON: Both in Calvin and in the Westminster Confession and its subordinate standards the answer to the first question, “What is our chief end?,” must be the same as to the question, “What is the goal of Reformation?”: “To glorify …Read More

  • Are there distinctions of sin in hell?

    Romans 2:5

    SPROUL: I think the New Testament makes it clear. There are at least twenty-five references in the New Testament that speak of the various degrees of punishment and/or reward in heaven relative to the degrees of sinfulness of sin. Even …Read More