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    On this panel, various international speakers discuss how God is working in their respective countries. They consider how reformation is taking place today and what the global future of the church may look like. Questions: What is the difference between the church in Scotland, and the church in America? (1:15) What does training for gospel ministry look like in the UK? (6:42) How is the exclusivity of Christ alone under attack in different cultural contexts? (11:38) How can the North American church and the global church better pray and serve each other? (29:35) Note: Answers given reflect the … View Resource

  • Optional Session: The Kingdom of God Media Resource by

    Reformation is fueled by men and women who are confident that their true citizenship is in the kingdom of God. This confidence enables them to take bold stances for the gospel in the most difficult environments. This session considers our citizenship in the kingdom of God as foundational to serving Him in this world. View Resource

  • Fuel for Missions and Fueled by Missions Media Resource by

    For the church to grow, the gospel must be taken to those who have not heard of Jesus Christ. The task of foreign missions was one of the key reasons why the Protestant Reformation expanded beyond the boundaries of western Europe. This work continues today. One of the most encouraging developments today is the growth of Christianity in the non-western world. Yet the need is still great both here and abroad. This session explains why the way forward in forging a new reformation is faithfulness to the Great Commission, looking at how believers are called to bring the gospel both … View Resource