• Always Ready Media Resource by

    1 Peter 3

    Through the practice of Christian apologetics, believers work to fulfill Peter’s mandate that we always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15). In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols defines apologetics and looks at some of the most pressing issues Christian apologists face today from the social sciences and other areas. View Resource

  • Applied Apologetics (Optional Session) Media Resource by

    In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols considers how we can apply the discipline of apologetics to our everyday lives. View Resource

  • Ask Ligonier with Ferguson, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    To answer biblical and theological questions from people watching around the world, Nathan W. Bingham hosted a special Ask Ligonier event with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, and Derek Thomas Questions: What book have you recently read that you found spiritually edifying? (:48) What are some ways that a young Christian studying theology can resist falling into dead orthodoxy? (3:40) How should we approach friends who hold to different doctrines? (9:22) How do we make sure we don’t teach the doctrine of the image of God in the way prosperity preachers do? (13:43) Is it possible for … View Resource

  • Ask Ligonier with Stephen Nichols (February 2019) Media Resource by

    On February 26th, Stephen Nichols joined us as a special guest on our Ask Ligonier team and answered your biblical and theological questions live online. This event was streamed live on Ligonier’s blog, as well as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Questions: What is the majesty of God? (3:00) What are your favorite works throughout church history? (4:18) Who was Martin Bucer? (6:15) How much credence should we put in early church writings like the Didache? (8:11) Does God really love the sinner, but hate the sin? (10:08) Can … View Resource

  • The Authority of Scripture, Part 1: The Doctrine of Inspiration Media Resource by

    Higher criticism, the branch of literary investigation that seeks to discover the world behind the text, rose to prominence in seventeenth-century Germany. Yet, the motivation for the implementation of this form of study, the denial of biblical inspiration and inerrancy, has a much longer history. Human beings have tried to deny the inspiration of God’s Word for ages because they cannot abide God’s authority over them. As today’s lesson demonstrates, the origin of Scripture in God necessitates its authority over all creation, and only two responses may follow: Spirit-inspired acceptance or denial. View Resource

  • The Authority of Scripture, Part 2: The Doctrine of Inerrancy Media Resource by

    For many years, mainline academia has issued attacks against the Bible through the various fields of study, such as history and archaeology. The lack of archaeological evidence supporting Scripture’s claims as well as its attestation of supernatural events form just a few of the arrows shot by those seeking to poke holes in the positions of inspiration and inerrancy. Although engagement in these intellectual debates is appropriate and useful, at the end of the day, once all the objections have been leveled and answered, satisfactory to some or not, the most important question must float to the surface and receive … View Resource

  • The Chicago Statement: An Interview with R.C. Sproul Media Resource by ,

    Dr. Steve Nichols interviews Dr. R.C. Sproul about his involvement with the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. Dr. Sproul spends a brief time giving a summary of the circumstances surrounding that statement—of just what was at stake in the drafting and signing of this document. Dr. Sproul also makes comparisons with our own time, drawing helpful conclusions for pastors as they consider biblical inerrancy. View Resource

  • Christ and Him Crucified Media Resource by

    The message of Christ crucified is a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks. In this session, part of Reformation Bible College’s fourth annual convocation service, Dr. Stephen Nichols will explain why the crucifixion was such a shock to the first century faithful and what that means for us. He will explore why we must ever and always proclaim Christ and Him crucified. View Resource

  • Christ Our Ransom Media Resource by

    Mark 10

    This session expands on Christ’s declaration in Mark 10:42-45 that He came to give His life as a ransom for many. It explains the difference between the false ransom theory of the atonement that existed in the early church and the true meaning of Christ’s ransom. It also explains that Christ redeemed us by satisfying our debt to God. View Resource

  • Confidence in Christ Media Resource by

    Our union with Christ is at the heart of the glorious gospel, and as Christians, we are called to be united with Him in His sufferings. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols sets our eyes on Christ, our confidence, that we might know His power in suffering. View Resource

  • Confidence in God Media Resource by

    Before Judah fell to the forces of Babylon, Isaiah urged her people to trust in the name of the Lord. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols visits a pivotal moment in the history of Israel and calls us to place our confidence in the Lord, for He is able. View Resource

  • Confidence in Hope Media Resource by

    The shifting sands of culture are no match for the reality of who we are in Christ and ultimately who we will be. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols describes the Christian hope that makes us an engaging and transformative force in the world. View Resource

  • Confidence in the Bible Media Resource by

    Established on God’s very own character, His Word abides through the ages. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols links the past with the present to show how the Bible is our sure-footed foundation for confidence and is as culturally relevant today as ever. View Resource

  • Confidence in the Gospel Media Resource by

    The gospel knows no bounds, and we have the testimony of the early church to prove it. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols shares how the gospel reached into the very heart of the Roman Empire despite all attempts to stop it. View Resource

  • The Conflict at Northampton Media Resource by

    Jonathan Edwards was no stranger to controversy. Although admired and cherished around the globe for his preaching and contribution to the Great Awakening, his own congregation in Northampton, Massachusetts, opposed and removed him from the pulpit unjustly. Many men would have succumbed to bitterness over the controversy in which Edwards was embroiled, but he demonstrated his love for the Lord and His people by agreeing to preach at this same congregation while they searched for a new minister. Edwards desired that the love of God flowing forth from Him and filling heaven would burst forth onto the earth, even into … View Resource