• The Power of God’s Word: Awakening through God’s Word Media Resource by

    God promises that His Word will never return void (Isa. 55:10–11), and He uses it to bring about the conversion of sinners and the renewal of Christians according to His own timing and for His own glory. By the preaching of the Word, the Spirit awakens dead hearts and brings them to life, allowing them to freely repent and trust in Christ. This session stresses the power of God’s Word in converting and renewing His people. View Resource

  • The First and Second Theses Media Resource by

    On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This session considers Luther’s first and second theses, and their summary of the essence of the Reformation: the authority of the Bible versus the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. View Resource

  • Questions and Answers Media Resource by , , , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Dr. W. Robert Godfrey, Dr. Steven J Lawson, Rev. Matthias Lohmann, Dr. Albert Mohler, Rev. Steffen Mueller, and Dr. Stephen Nichols. Questions: What would you say to someone who is suffering from Luther celebration fatigue? (0:42) How can I help other Christians understand the urgent need for Reformation? (1:13) How is it that Germany has moved so radically toward atheism? (3:00) What are some of the best lay-level resources for addressing textual criticism? (5:15) Why did Martin Luther struggle to break free from certain aspects of Roman Catholicism? (7:08) Is approaching the … View Resource

  • Full Event Broadcast Media Resource by , , , ,

    View Resource

  • Questions and Answers Media Resource by , , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, R.C. Sproul, and Derek Thomas. Questions: Some speak of the Reformation as more something to be mourned, and that it’s a schismatic movement. So, would it be a more important response to the Reformation to mourn, or is it right to celebrate? (0:00) We often talk about recovering the Gospel. How was the Gospel lost in first place, and how can we avoid losing it again? (0:35) What are the differences between sins, inequities, and trespasses? (4:52) Do preachers, or pastors, have a higher importance than … View Resource

  • What’s the Big Deal about the Reformation? Media Resource by

    Why should we care about an event that happened five hundred years ago in a land far away? This meditation considers the importance of the Reformation and how understanding it in the context of church history gives us hope for the future. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers #2 Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. W. Robert Godfrey, Julius Kim, Stephen Nichols, and John MacArthur. Questions: As a layperson, how can I address the issue of the prosperity gospel in my church? (0:29) Can a gay person who trusts in Jesus go to heaven? (2:10) Is it sinful for a Christian to produce a product for a gay wedding? (3:52) How does the church prepare God’s people to be influential in the culture without taking political positions? (6:08) If Jesus and Paul used harsh words against their opponents in Scripture, can we take that as permission to … View Resource

  • Holy, Holy, Holy Media Resource by

    “The Lord of hosts is exalted in justice, and the Holy God shows himself holy in righteousness” (Isa. 5:16). The one, true God is set apart from all other gods—indeed, apart from all creation—in His holiness. This session explores the holiness of God, emphasizing its importance in understanding who God is. View Resource

  • A Hard Life Media Resource by

    The biblical message of salvation does not guarantee peace and prosperity in this life. The Bible clearly teaches that many Christians will experience suffering. This session will focus on 1 Peter 4:14-19 to explain what it means to endure hardship and trials in the Christian life. View Resource

  • The Word Made Flesh: The Ligonier Statement on Christology Media Resource by

    In this session, Dr. Nichols will introduce the Ligonier Statement on Christology and explain why a biblical understanding of the person and work of Christ is the most pressing issue facing the church today and in the next generation. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers Media Resource by , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. W. Robert Godfrey, Stephen Nichols, and Derek Thomas. Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith. View Resource

  • A Time for Confidence Media Resource by

    We are experiencing a time of rapid cultural change and moral confusion. Some refer to our current moment as a post-Christian culture. It is also, however, a time for confidence. This session will remind us that we must put our confidence in God and in His sure and eternal Word. View Resource

  • Confidence in Christ Media Resource by

    Our union with Christ is at the heart of the glorious gospel, and as Christians, we are called to be united with Him in His sufferings. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols sets our eyes on Christ, our confidence, that we might know His power in suffering. View Resource

  • Confidence in God Media Resource by

    Before Judah fell to the forces of Babylon, Isaiah urged her people to trust in the name of the Lord. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols visits a pivotal moment in the history of Israel and calls us to place our confidence in the Lord, for He is able. View Resource

  • Confidence in Hope Media Resource by

    The shifting sands of culture are no match for the reality of who we are in Christ and ultimately who we will be. In this lesson, Dr. Nichols describes the Christian hope that makes us an engaging and transformative force in the world. View Resource