• Implications of the Character of God (Optional Session) Media Resource by , , ,

    A panel discussion with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Stephen Nichols, and Michael Reeves. Questions: What is the doctrine of the simplicity of God? (00:00) Do you have a memory of a moment when you began to get a sense of who God truly is, an awareness of this God who is holy? (02:56) How have you helped cultivate an appetite for God in your congregations? (14:15) Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement … View Resource

  • Understanding beyond Measure Media Resource by

    Romans 11:33-36

    Unlike us, God knows Himself perfectly and has full knowledge of the past, present, and future. Nothing takes Him by surprise. In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols teaches on God’s omniscience and sovereignty over history. View Resource

  • Ask Ligonier with Stephen Nichols (February 2019) Media Resource by

    On February 26th, Stephen Nichols joined us as a special guest on our Ask Ligonier team and answered your biblical and theological questions live online. This event was streamed live on Ligonier’s blog, as well as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Questions: What is the majesty of God? (3:00) What are your favorite works throughout church history? (4:18) Who was Martin Bucer? (6:15) How much credence should we put in early church writings like the Didache? (8:11) Does God really love the sinner, but hate the sin? (10:08) Can … View Resource

  • Found in Christ Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:1-11

    Paul warned the Philippians about the threat that works-based righteousness poses to the purity of the gospel, and he encouraged them not to trust in their own works, ethnicity, or anything other than the righteousness of Christ. In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols reminds us that the only works that can save us are the works of Christ, which are imputed to us by faith in Him alone. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers with Godfrey, Lawson, Mohler, and Nichols Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, Albert Mohler, and Stephen Nichols. Questions: With the cultural emphasis on politics as the answer to the problems, what are some thoughts on how to flip these conversations to the real answer, to Christ? (00:00) What are the qualifications that Ligonier used to define evangelicals in the State of Theology survey. In other words, how do we come up with that definition of evangelicals? (04:35) I’m a millennial, and many of my friends and acquaintances do not believe attending church is important to their walk with Christ. … View Resource

  • Approving What Is Excellent Media Resource by

    Philippians 1:1-11

    The Apostle Paul had a special affection for the church at Philippi, and this love shines through in the opening verses of his epistle to the Philippians as he tells them how he is praying for them. In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols highlights Paul’s priorities in prayer. View Resource

  • Applied Apologetics (Optional Session) Media Resource by

    Psalm 19

    In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols considers how we can apply the discipline of apologetics to our everyday lives. View Resource

  • Always Ready Media Resource by

    1 Peter 3:8-18

    Through the practice of Christian apologetics, believers work to fulfill Peter’s mandate that we always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15). In this session, Dr. Stephen Nichols defines apologetics and looks at some of the most pressing issues Christian apologists face today from the social sciences and other areas. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers with Godfrey and Nichols Media Resource by ,

    A questions and answers session with W. Robert Godfrey and Stephen Nichols. Questions: How do we keep hope and joy during this day of increased hostility to Christ and to truth? With so much of the culture being anti-Christian, how do we engage others with respect without triggering animosity? (00:52) Where’s the fine line in witnessing at the workplace? Working in a secular environment that’s tainted by sin, when do we call out sin? When do we speak up? (09:30) How do we bring God into the picture for those who appear to be fully content without Him? How … View Resource

  • Questions & Answers with Godfrey, Lawson, Nichols, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, Stephen Nichols, and Derek Thomas. Questions: How can we defend the faith confidently when we have uncertainty? How can we fight doubt? (00:26) What does it mean biblically to be “called”? (07:00) How should understanding the history of the world, both biblical and secular, shape our reaction to modern events and future events? (10:25) How does personality come into play with apologetics? How can introverts be good witnesses for Christ? (13:02) What are the different approaches to apologetics, and which one do you prefer? (16:04) How should … View Resource

  • Questions & Answers with Mohler, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Albert Mohler, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, and Derek Thomas. Questions: God is sovereign in awakening, but shouldn’t we also keep the command to wake up? (00:05) What should we look for in a church home? Why do some evangelical churches focus on entertainment in worship and preach a watered-down gospel? (1:48) Do demons still manifest themselves in humans? (2:44) I am a pastor at a Pentecostal church, but God has awakened our hearts to Reformed theology. Should I leave the church or stay? (5:35) Why is our salvation based on the blood … View Resource

  • Teaching Fellows Roundtable Media Resource by , , , , , ,

    This roundtable discussion touches on topics related to discipleship, the state of the church, and Ligonier’s outreach. Questions: Why did you join this teaching fellowship? (1:01) From the beginning, we’ve been facing the culture, but we’ve also been facing the church, calling the church to be the church. How is that mission different today? What are the prospects for the future? What makes the ministry of Ligonier distinct and perhaps even unique in our day and age? (21:15) In what way does Ligonier come alongside the church? Why is what we do not competition with the local church? (27:59) … View Resource

  • Optional Session: Awakening & Theological Education Media Resource by ,

    This session considers the importance of educating the next generation as we pray for God to open the hearts and minds of people to His truth. View Resource

  • The Power of God’s Word: Awakening through God’s Word Media Resource by

    Isaiah 55:10-11

    God promises that His Word will never return void (Isa. 55:10–11), and He uses it to bring about the conversion of sinners and the renewal of Christians according to His own timing and for His own glory. By the preaching of the Word, the Spirit awakens dead hearts and brings them to life, allowing them to freely repent and trust in Christ. This session stresses the power of God’s Word in converting and renewing His people. View Resource

  • The First and Second Theses Media Resource by

    Luke 18:9-14

    On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. This session considers Luther’s first and second theses, and their summary of the essence of the Reformation: the authority of the Bible versus the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. View Resource