• Here We Stand in Christ Alone Media Resource by

    Romans 8:2-4

    The person and work of Christ form the heart of the Christian faith, and the Reformers called for the changes and reforms that they did only because they sought to make sure that Christ alone is glorified in our salvation. In this message, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson considers the key elements of solus Christus, looking at Christ’s incarnation, His active and passive obedience, His resurrection, and our union with Him. View Resource

  • A Conversation on Life and Ministry Media Resource by ,

    A conversation between Ligonier’s President, Chris Larson, and Dr. Sinclair Ferguson. View Resource

  • Hidden in Christ Media Resource by

    Colossians 3:1-4

    Even after being united to Jesus Christ, Christians continue to experience struggles in their faith and lives. But ongoing struggles in the Christian life are not evidence of any deficiency in the power of the gospel; rather, they indicate a need for the gospel to take root more deeply in our hearts and minds. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson celebrates the reality that all the riches of the gospel are already ours in Christ and have the power to release a decisive ripple effect in our identity, mentality, and destiny. View Resource

  • Putting Off Sin, Putting On Christ Media Resource by

    Colossians 3:5-17

    Paul is equally bold in proclaiming the fullness of the gospel that already belongs to those who are in Christ and in calling on those who are in Christ to pursue holiness relentlessly. For Paul, the glorious grace of God is not a license to abandon Christ’s commands but is rather the foundation for a rigorous and disciplined life. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson will examine Paul’s dual exhortations for Christians to put off sin and put on Christ. View Resource

  • Sharing in His Death & Resurrection Media Resource by

    Colossians 1:24

    Our union with Christ is not only the centerpiece our spiritual lives. It also encompasses the entirety of our spiritual lives. In this final lesson, Dr. Ferguson explores a vital but neglected dimension of a believer’s union with Christ, a union with His suffering. Just as being united to the death and resurrection of Christ internally brings about a changed spiritual mind-set, so also being united to His death and resurrection externally brings about both suffering and fruitfulness that cannot be achieved any other way. View Resource

  • The Vine & the Branches Media Resource by

    John 15:1-11

    The life and writings of the Apostle Paul are saturated with the theme of union with Jesus Christ. Yet this notion of being united to Christ did not originate with Paul. Jesus Himself spoke with His disciples about the vital importance of being united to Him. In this lesson, we will explore Christ’s teaching on the vine and the branches in John 15 and learn, from Jesus’ own words, why our union with Him is the most important part of our lives. View Resource

  • Adam & Christ Media Resource by

    Romans 5:12-21

    Before we become united by faith to Jesus Christ, we are already united by nature to Adam, the forefather of humanity. As Dr. Ferguson explains in this lesson, no person is a spiritual island. Every individual is united either to Adam or to Christ. Union with Adam leads to sin, despair, and death. Union with Christ leads to forgiveness, hope, and eternal life. Christ’s offer to join Him in this new humanity is too important to ignore. View Resource

  • Baptized into Christ Media Resource by

    Romans 6:1-4

    “If God forgives by grace, why should I not sin?” This question has resurfaced in various forms since the time of Paul. His response to antinomianism—this idea that righteous living is optional for Christians—is rooted in the doctrine of union with Christ. In the last lesson, the far-reaching implications of being crucified with Christ were examined. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson explains how we are united to Christ’s death and also how we are united to His resurrection life through baptism. View Resource

  • Crucified with Christ Media Resource by

    Galatians 2:20

    One of the most dramatic aspects of becoming a disciple of Christ is the fact that He invites sinners to die to themselves in order to experience new life. Those who have become united to Christ experience a radically different way of being human because they have in fact died to their old selves and their sinful ways of living. In this lesson, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson explores the profound reality of being crucified with Christ. View Resource

  • Dimensions of Our Union Media Resource by

    2 Corinthians 5:17

    What is the defining reality of the Christian life? Is it freedom from sin? Is it living by faith? Is it the hope of heaven? As Dr. Ferguson reminds us, the defining reality of the Christian life is knowing Jesus and being united to Him. In this lesson, we will turn our attention to the centrality of Jesus Christ as the source of all other spiritual blessings and examine three foundational dimensions of a believer’s union with the Lord Jesus. View Resource

  • Getting into Christ Media Resource by

    Philippians 3:2-11

    One of the great mysteries of redemption is the Holy Spirit’s process of transforming enemies of Christ into coheirs with Christ. Few stories in Scripture illustrate this mystery as vividly as the conversion of the Apostle Paul. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson recounts Paul’s conversion by way of Philippians 3 to show how everything in Paul’s life changed when he got out of himself and got into Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • A New Creation Media Resource by

    2 Corinthians 5:6-21

    Scripture presents a stark contrast between the old creation into which each person is born through union with Adam and the new creation into which believers are born anew through union with Christ. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson will describe ways that the old creation distorts human perceptions of Christ and others, and then he will explore some of the glorious realities of God’s new creation. View Resource

  • Set Free from Sin Media Resource by

    Romans 6:5-14

    The sixth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans deals with the important topic of the Christian’s relationship with sin in light of God’s grace. In the previous lesson, Dr. Ferguson presented two components of Paul’s response to the challenge of antinomianism. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson will continue to explore Paul’s reaction to this issue by examining Paul’s exposition, implication, and exhortation to the church in Romans 6. For those in Rome and for each of us today, Paul’s message is clear: do not allow sin to reign any longer, but live a new life as someone who belongs … View Resource

  • In Christ Media Resource by

    Ephesians 1:3-14

    Some of the ways in which evangelicals self-identify today were not part of the vernacular of early believers. The first Christians thought of themselves as followers of “the Way” and as being “in Christ.” In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson reasserts this ancient way of thinking about the Christian life, and he demonstrates how the doctrine of union with Christ, which is often overlooked today, actually resides at the heart of Christian faith and life. View Resource

  • Ask Ligonier with Ferguson, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas Media Resource by , , ,

    To answer biblical and theological questions from people watching around the world, Nathan W. Bingham hosted a special Ask Ligonier event with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, and Derek Thomas Questions: What book have you recently read that you found spiritually edifying? (:48) What are some ways that a young Christian studying theology can resist falling into dead orthodoxy? (3:40) How should we approach friends who hold to different doctrines? (9:22) How do we make sure we don’t teach the doctrine of the image of God in the way prosperity preachers do? (13:43) Is it possible for … View Resource