• Should the church support the total abolition of abortion? Question and Answer

    FERGUSON: There’s only one consideration that I think orthodox Christians have ever had in mind regarding abortion, and that is the possibility that one life threatens another. That Is an area in which I think Christians have had a genuine disagreement. That involves very sensitive and difficult issues ethically in the life of Christians. Although there has been disagreement about what to do when one life threatens another, there has been absolute homogeneity throughout history on the value of life. For example, the early Christians stood united against the taking of human life because it is contrary to the law … View Resource

  • What are the “elementary principles of the world” in Galatians 4:3? Question and Answer

    Galatians 4:3

    First, you need to put the statement “elementary principles of the world” in its context. The general context is the transition from the Old Testament order to the new order in Christ, which is the new covenant. Paul is looking back to his past life as a Jewish person and thinking about how he was under the law of God. In his case, he was under the law of God but not resting in the fulfillment of the promise of God. Because that was so, the principles of the law of God brought condemnation into his life. There is a … View Resource

  • When people say, “Everything happens for a reason,” how do I respond biblically? Question and Answer

    It depends on who is saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” There is a sense in which that is true. The Scriptures teach Christians that everything works out for their good. The sad truth is that if you’re outside of Christ, at the end of the day, things do not work out for your good. We mustn’t lapse into a fatalism that says, “It will all turn out for the best,” because we would be putting our head in the sand if we thought everything turns out for the best in this world. Instead, Scripture teaches us that, even though … View Resource

  • What does it mean for God to “give people up” to their sin (Rom. 1:24)? Question and Answer

    Romans 1:24

    A good way of thinking about this is that when people rebel against God, especially in the way Romans 1 describes it, they view themselves as being freed from the judgment of God: “We are able to do these things and flaunt God’s law, and you Christian people speak about the judgment of God.” Paul says that the fact that you are doing these things so freely and with a free spirit is actually itself the judgment of God. God has given you over to that sin. In a sense, if that is the kind of freedom you want, then … View Resource

  • What does it mean that the Trinity is three in person but one in essence? Question and Answer

    FERGUSON: By one essence, we mean that God is one being. The word essence comes from the Latin verb esse, “to be,” so what we mean is that He is one being. When we speak about Him as being three persons, the best way to understand the approach the early church had is this: God made us in His image, and because we are His image, there are things about our lives and our world that reflect who He is and what He is like. We have the privilege of using language that is terrestrial because we have no other … View Resource

  • What are the signs, or marks, of the true church? Question and Answer

    I could appeal to what the Reformers said, which would’ve been the preaching of the Word and the right administration of the sacraments. An easy way to identify a true church is often, first, by what happens in the pulpit. Is the Word of God being faithfully expounded there? The second thing would be, What is that preaching doing to the congregation? Is it producing the fruit of the Spirit in the congregation? If those two things are true, then whatever other deficiencies there may be in the church and whatever its church government may be, the essential things are … View Resource

  • How should we pray when natural disasters strike? Question and Answer

    The most important prayer is that whatever the providences of God may be, He will use them to turn people to Christ. It’s wholly appropriate that we should pray that God would turn back the fires, but beyond that, our concern is for God’s glory. If that means people are going to be awakened to think about eternal things when they’ve been consumed with the things of this world, then we pray that God will use them in such a manner. We believe that God will use these things to make people think about what really matters and what really … View Resource

  • Can a Christian fall into deep sin, die, and still be saved? Question and Answer

    Hebrews 6:9

    We are not the final arbiters of anyone’s final destiny. To me, that is a supremely important thing to grasp. We have relatively poor measures to understand all that God does in the lives of people who sin, and there are clearly very grievous sins that Christians commit. Scripture constantly urges us not to receive the grace of God in vain in our lives regarding the way we understand how God’s grace works. God’s grace always reigns through righteousness in our lives. In a sense, it seems to be our chief responsibility not to speculate about, “What may happen if—,” … View Resource

  • In John 4:23, what does it mean to worship God “in spirit”? Question and Answer

    John 4:23

    In the context of John 4:23, it probably does mean worshiping in the power of the Holy Spirit. It would take a long time to explain fully what that means, but Jesus is looking forward to the fulfillment of His work. He is speaking to the woman at the well in John 4. He says, “The time is coming when you will no longer worship on this mountain, nor will you worship on the mountain of God” (John 4:21). He’s saying that the internationalization of the people of God, which happens on the day of Pentecost, means that place becomes … View Resource

  • How do I know if I am saved? Question and Answer

    You know that you’re saved because salvation begins to appear in your life. You desire new and different things. The law of God that you regarded as an enemy and an irritation becomes a friend, and you want to keep it. You want to please Christ rather than let Him down. All of these are very simple things. You begin to love the people who love the Lord Jesus. These are the kinds of things that 1 John speaks about. A good exercise would be to go to 1 John, which speaks about our relationship to Christ, our new relationship … View Resource

  • How should Christians respond to times of suffering? Question and Answer

    Luke 13:1-5

    Thankfully, we are able to develop means of alleviating human suffering. Our nations are putting vast resources into trying to find an antidote to the virus. That is altogether appropriate and Christ-like because He sought to alleviate suffering. We also know that He didn’t alleviate everybody’s suffering. There is a complexity to the way in which God works that is beyond us, but it is appropriate that we make use of means to alleviate suffering instead of just saying, “God sent and God will get rid of it.” We don’t respond to anything in our lives with that kind of … View Resource

  • How can Christians live as lights in a dark time? Question and Answer

    Matthew 22:39

    CHARLES: A couple of things come to my mind. One is what Burk mentioned, which is the second great command that Jesus gives—to love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22:39). We, as shepherds in our church, have been trying to think through decisions in a way that reflects that priority for the members of our church so that we, as a church, are reflecting how to love our neighbor in this critical time. It is not just about our own safety, security, priorities, comfort, or whatever you would add to that list. There is a love of neighbor that motivates … View Resource

  • What words of comfort can help me fight fear and anxiety? Question and Answer

    Philippians 4:6-7

    FERGUSON: This is a time for us to prove in our own lives the gospel that we’ve always professed to believe. To start the conversation, in the well-known passage in which Jesus teaches us about living the Christian life during the Sermon on the Mount, there is a section where He underscores for us that the knowledge of God as our loving, caring, heavenly Father delivers us from two things. First, the knowledge of God as Father delivers us from hypocrisy (Matt. 6:16–18). We no longer need to pretend to Him to be something that we’re not. We no longer … View Resource

  • How can Christians continue to minister to one another when large gatherings present a health risk? Question and Answer

    Mark 12:31

    FERGUSON: I never thought I would ever say, “Praise God for technology,” but my wife told me yesterday that our son, who is a minister of a smaller congregation, set up a YouTube channel for the congregation to have their midweek prayer service. It’s a small church without resources that other churches have. Amazingly, God has given us ways and means that no other generation has had for such a time as this. Other generations have known much, much worse than this and never had the technology. When H.B. Charles was talking about waking up with the congregation on his … View Resource

  • Are preachers and pastors more important than other Christians? Question and Answer

    James 3:1

    THOMAS: There is an important Reformation principle behind this question: the priesthood of all believers. That was a profound rediscovery at the time of the Reformation. Religion had been hidden in a language that people didn’t understand by professional people to whom they had no real access. The Reformation discovered that we are all priests before God. The individual can approach God by himself or herself through faith in Jesus Christ rather than through the intermediary of a sacerdotal system. The Bible being given into the hands of an individual was vitally important. That the individual could read and discover … View Resource