• Loving the Stranger: Awakening & Hospitality Media Resource by

    Hebrews 13:1-3

    Hebrews 13:2 exhorts us to show hospitality to strangers. Through such hospitality, many people have seen the love of God and have been drawn into His kingdom by the Spirit’s use of friendship and His people’s sharing of the gospel. This session covers the importance of hospitality and how the Lord uses it to bring people to faith and grow them in Christ. View Resource

  • Pre-Conference Panel Discussion Media Resource by , ,

    Tim Challies, Peter Jones, and Rosaria Butterfield joined Lee Webb to further discuss their pre-conference messages. View Resource

  • Repentance & Renewal Media Resource by

    Romans 1:21-27

    Christians are called not just to a single instance of repentance. Rather, they’re called to repent throughout their lives, trusting Christ for life every day. Dr. Rosaria Butterfield has a unique perspective on repenting and trusting Christ. In this session, Dr. Butterfield describes her conversion, and explains her experience in following Christ in order to encourage and challenge listeners to live as a light in this dark world. View Resource