• Keeping Our Eyes On Christ Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2004

    I think that I have heard more sermons based on Hebrews 12 than on any other passage of Scripture. Actually, to be even more precise, I believe that I have heard more sermons based on Hebrews 12:1–2 than any other passage from the Bible. As such, these two verses are among my “favorites” when I am asked to list the Scriptures that have been particularly meaningful to me. One reason I think that I enjoy these verses so much is that I tend to be an easily distracted person. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I … View Resource

  • More Than a Tale for Children Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2007

    I was raised in a family where singing was an important part of life. My mother was the adult-choir director for our church when I was growing up, and she also directed the “Son’s Singers” (the children’s choir). Sacred music was well-known in our house. In addition, my parents were also well-acquainted with the popular music of their youth, and it’s possible that no one knows obscure songs from the sixties better than they do.  Needless to say, I have inherited this love of song and generally appreciate all different kinds of music. I am particularly fond of musicals and often … View Resource

  • No One Knows Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | October 2015

    Is our doctrine of Christ big enough to accommodate a Jesus who is both truly God and truly man? Maybe that seems like an odd question in this context, but it gets to the heart of why many people have found Jesus’ statement in Matthew 24:36—“concerning that day and hour [of His return] no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”—to be a hard saying. Some have held a Christology that says Christ is truly God but not truly man. For them, this verse has been hard because it seems … View Resource

  • One God, Two Testaments Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2008

    Like me, many of you reading this article did not grow up in a church that is part of the Reformed tradition. You did not have the benefit of being catechized in the Westminster Standards or the Heidelberg Catechism. Calvinism may have been a dirty word, if not in your home, then in your church. You have come to embrace the doctrines of grace after years of personal study because you have been unable to deny the truth of divine election, which is found throughout Scripture. My journey into the Reformed tradition followed this path, but it was not only the … View Resource

  • One Lord Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2013

    Eighteen years ago, my jaw figuratively dropped to the floor as I sat in the first Old Testament course of my academic career. I attended a secular university, so I did not expect much true biblical teaching. However, I had hope the Scriptures would be treated fairly because my professor was an Orthodox Jew. You can imagine my surprise, then, when my professor said faithful ancient Israelites did not deny the existence of other gods. They worshiped Yahweh above the rest of the gods, he said, but they believed those gods were real. Liberal “highercritical” circles accept as dogma my … View Resource

  • Orthodox Obedience Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | September 2005

    When I was an undergraduate student in college, I decided early on that I would pursue a major in religious studies so that I could begin to prepare for ministry. My education was at a public university and, needless to say, affirming classical Christian orthodoxy was not the primary goal of most of the faculty in my department. To be honest, I cannot disparage my instructors too much, because they always listened respectfully and were polite whenever we engaged in an argument. Nevertheless, we did have disagreements about things like the authority of Scripture, the exclusivity of Christ, and other … View Resource

  • Our Great High Priest Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | January 2004

    As a former resource consultant for Ligonier Ministries, I had the opportunity to speak with many people on the telephone. Most of them were Christians eager to find materials to help them learn more about apologetics, the Bible, theology, Christian living, and many other topics. It was a joy to help someone find the right resource for the subject they were studying. Given that the Renewing Your Mind radio program has a potential audience of millions, not all of the people with whom I spoke were Christians. I also spoke with Muslims, Mormons, agnostics, and many other non-Christians. Though the … View Resource

  • Patience in Christ Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2004

    Despite the inefficiency and increasing indecency of our society, I have to admit that I enjoy living in the United States. In fact, there is no other country in the world in which I would like to live. I have benefited from the many opportunities this country has to offer, and I like to think that I enjoy this country because it has, despite its faults, brought good to many parts of the world. What I have said, notwithstanding, I will confess that I grow increasingly disillusioned with America’s insistence on having everything right here and right now. We look … View Resource

  • Present Suffering and Future Glory Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | November 2007

    My friends and I often have discussions in which we try to understand why people ever settled in the great state of Florida. Please do not get me wrong, I have a deep affection for the Sunshine State, largely because I have lived in Florida all of my life. But it is difficult for me to grasp how men and women survived the summers here when people began moving into the state en masse during the 1800s. There was no air-conditioning back then, and the summers here can be brutal, largely because of the humidity. These settlers did not have … View Resource

  • Preserving the Godly Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2005

    The older I get the more I become a news “junkie.” Some of my friends like to tease me because if they call or visit and I am watching television, it is invariably a cable news network of some kind. I have always been interested in what is going on in society, and in this way I can know what is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As I watch these programs, I often think about how much American culture has changed in the past ten years. Now by no means do I want to imply that … View Resource

  • A Priestly Nation Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2006

    Several months ago my grandmother passed away, somewhat unexpectedly. For many days and weeks after she died, I had a deep sense of sadness as I mourned her death. I was close to her, having spent a great deal of time with her since moving to Orlando about seven years ago. When she died, I was able to be by her side in the hospital along with most of our family. I will always count that as a great blessing. Still, it is hard to believe that I will not be able to see her again this side of heaven. … View Resource

  • The Proverbs Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2007

    Wisdom has become something of an industry in the United States. Talk radio hosts and syndicated columnists develop devoted followers of advice-seekers. Professional consultants help companies of all sizes solve thorny problems. Humanity’s long quest for the wisdom of the ages continues today. As Christians we know that wisdom is a gift from God, found primarily in the pages of sacred Scripture. In the Old Testament, the Proverbs of Solomon stand out as the place to find wisdom, and so it will profit us to look at how we can properly understand and apply this book’s teaching. What Is Wisdom? As … View Resource

  • Pruned to Perfection Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | October 2004

    A newborn baby is such a wonderful example of the beauty of God’s creation. When a newborn is in the room, anyone present is awestruck by how small, cute, and innocent the infant is. At the same time, however, most everyone there is not immediately reminded that the newborn is in fact not innocent and that sin is part of the child’s nature. Life is full of sin, so full of sin, in fact, we can sometimes forget that sin even exists. When this happens, even the strongest Christian is a victim to the curse that has been given to … View Resource

  • Remembering the Future Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2016

    Nobody said that raising children would be easy. My wife and I have to remember that quite frequently, some weeks more than others. With three children age six and under, our home certainly can be a crazy place. This morning, I came back to the dining room table after stepping away for a bit. Lo and behold, there was a bowl of half-eaten, soggy cereal that our almost-four-year-old son had left behind. Usually, it as if he has a hollow leg and we can’t feed him enough. But sometimes, despite insisting that he wants something specific to eat, he consumes … View Resource

  • Secure in God Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2004

    About three years ago, one of my friends admitted to me that he believed that true Christians could lose their salvation. I remember going home that evening quite dismayed that someone with whom I served in ministry actually believed that God was not powerful enough to keep His children from falling away permanently. I also have to admit that I once briefly toyed with this idea as well. But unlike my friend, I am convinced by God’s Word that true believers will never lose their salvation. The numerous promises of God regarding the security of the believer (i.e. John 10:27–28; … View Resource