• The Lamb Who Reigns Media Resource by , , , , ,

    Matthew 6:9-13

    This message is a pre-conference round table discussion on Christianity, culture, and the reign of Christ over all things with Drs. George Grant, Keith Mathison, Michael Morales, Stephen Nichols, R.C. Sproul Jr., and R.C. Sproul. Video outline:1:57 What are we praying for when we pray the petition in The Lord’s Prayer that begins with “…thy Kingdom come?” 8:09 How would we reconcile Jesus’ statement that His kingdom is not of this world with His assurance that He has overcome the world and all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to Him? 25:28 What, if … View Resource

  • Questions & Answers Media Resource by , , , ,

    Drs. George Grant, Michael Morales, Stephen Nichols, R.C. Sproul Jr. and R.C. Sproul answer a variety of questions covering God’s sovereignty in salvation, predestination, the role of scholarship in doxology, religious pluralism, and more. Video outline: 00:41 Why are Reformed theologians are enamored with Roman Catholic writers such as G.K. Chesterton? 06:27 Does being a “city on a hill” imply that we don’t need to go meet the world where they are? 10:56 How do we minister to those who believe they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? 12:34 How can we learn to study the … View Resource

  • What is the Mind? Media Resource by

    What is the difference between instinct and thought? In this message Dr. Sproul will help us understand what it means to have a Christian mind. View Resource

  • Being and Transcendence Media Resource by

    Is it necessary to look outside the universe to find the origin of the universe? Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the irrationality of believing in an uncreated universe. View Resource

  • Faith and Reason Media Resource by

    What reason can you give for having faith in God? Learn how the God revealed for us in Scripture is a rational being Who has created His creatures with the capacity of reason, as well as faith. View Resource

  • How Do You Know? Media Resource by

    How can you know that the world outside is not all in your head? Hear Dr. Sproul explain how we can be sure that the world we perceive is the world that is. View Resource

  • The Laws of Logic Media Resource by

    To understand God’s perfect law, there is one law that must be understood perfectly. Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the basic principles of thinking and knowledge as we seek to glorify God with our minds. View Resource

  • Logical Inference Media Resource by

    Who defined the laws of logic, and what benefit does it have for the Christian? Hear Dr. Sproul explain how logical inferences and other tools of reason affect our understanding of Scripture. View Resource

  • Mind and Body Media Resource by

    Do you have assurance of your salvation? How do you know that it is not a false assurance? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us that assurance is not only possible, but how we can gain it. View Resource

  • The Mind and the Scriptures Media Resource by

    John 3:16

    What is the real meaning of John 3:16? This message focuses on the importance of applying proper thinking skills to the handling of Scripture. View Resource

  • The Mind and The Senses Media Resource by

    Can we have absolute certainty about anything that our senses tell us? In this message Dr. Sproul explores the relationship between the mind and the senses. View Resource

  • Rationality and Rationalism Media Resource by

    In this message, listen as Dr. Sproul explains how mathematics is a perfectly rational system that helps us understand the world around us, and more importantly, the One who created it. View Resource

  • Two Kinds of Being Media Resource by

    There are only two kinds of beings in existence today. One of them is not necessary. Which kind are you? Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the fundamental difference between “Two Kinds of Beings” View Resource

  • Two Ways of Knowing Media Resource by

    What we believe determines how we live. Why do you believe what you believe? View Resource

  • For Justification by Faith Alone Media Resource by

    Galatians 1:3-9

    The doctrine of justification by faith alone was at the center of the Reformation debates. The Reformers declared that justification is by faith alone, not by faith and works. The biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone is absolutely essential to the Gospel, and Christians must beware of ever compromising any element of it. View Resource