• We Would See Jesus: 2014 Fall Conference at Reformation Bible College Conference with Various Teachers

    More than one pulpit has had the phrase, “Sir, we would see Jesus” posted where the preacher can see it as he proclaims the Word of God. It is a good reminder. One thing we learn from church history is that preachers must always fight the temptation to preach their opinions, current events, popular culture—anything but Christ and Him crucified. Today we are facing a dire need for the church to recapture the centrality of Christ in its preaching and life. From many pulpits people hear messages that do not emphasize the gospel, or they hear no gospel preached. This … View Resource

  • Willing to Believe: 1999 Detroit Conference Conference with R.C. Sproul

    How extensive were the effects of Adam’s fall? Was his will crippled, so that he required the assistance of God’s grace to overcome his wicked tendencies in order to be saved? Or was he plunged into spiritual bondage, unable to willingly obey God and totally depend on divine grace for any hope of salvation? And are the answers to these questions simply minor points for theologians to wrangle over, or are they central to our Christian life? In Ligonier Ministries’ 1999 Detroit conference, “Willing to Believe,” R.C. Sproul discusses the controversy over free will. By examining the debate through … View Resource