• All Scripture is Profitable Media Resource by

    In the West, Christians have greater access to the Bible today than at any other time in history. Most believers in the United States own several printed copies of the Bible and also have the ability to read it on a myriad of electronic devices. It is both tragic and ironic, then, that multitudes of professing Christians do not read or study their Bibles consistently. Biblical literacy in the West is at its lowest point in centuries. Even among those who do read the Bible, large portions of it remain uncharted territory. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. will … View Resource

  • All Things Work Together Media Resource by

    One of life’s most difficult questions concerns why bad things happen. Whether minor things like being delayed in traffic or major things like coping with injury and disease, all people face disappointment and heartache. In the midst of the frustration and pain around us, today’s passage reminds us of the glorious hope that awaits all followers of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Holy Spirit is using the very trials and hardships that we experience to help us grow in faith and become more like Christ. View Resource

  • Almighty Over All Media Resource by

    Most Christians claim to believe in the sovereignty of God, but many define His sovereignty in a way that ultimately exalts man over God. Scripture continually magnifies the sovereignty of God, but what does this mean? In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. explains what it means to say that God is sovereign and examines the implications of this confession for our lives and ministries. View Resource

  • And God Created Economics Media Resource by

    The study of economics begins with God and His creation of the world. In this lesson, we will be looking at the implications of the creation on economics; we will study the relationship between economics and stewardship; we will talk about the cultural mandate; we will examine the reality of economics in natural law; and we will explain the connections between morality and economics. View Resource

  • The Battle Lines Media Resource by

    View Resource

  • Before Light, Darkness Media Resource by

    The Latin phrase post tenebras lux has long stood as a motto of the Reformation. Its stark but hopeful claim shines forth in bold relief in a culture engulfed by sin. By declaring “after darkness, light,” the Reformers understood that only the light of the gospel can overcome the darkness of unbelief. In this session, Dr. Sproul Jr. explores what the Reformers meant by this phrase and how it can inform our witness today. View Resource

  • Being Like Jesus Media Resource by

    The term “sanctification” is a common buzzword in many Christian circles, and it is rightly associated with the teaching that Christ’s disciples are being made holy by the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. However, we must not limit ourselves to a merely abstract and cognitive understanding of this doctrine. Rather, God’s Word calls us to recognize that sanctification is a present reality in our daily experiences. Whenever we encounter hardship and opposition in life, we can rest in the assurance that God’s Spirit is working through it to make us more like Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Better than I Deserve Media Resource by

    We are much better at finding areas of sin in the lives of others than we are at identifying our own sins. Jesus spoke wisely when he urged us to remove the plank from our own eye before attempting to extract a speck from someone else’s eye. Because we are so often blind to our own sin, we rarely acknowledge the depth of our guilt before our holy God or the profound nature of the grace He extends to us. In this message, we will reassess common assumptions about human nature in the effort to recover a biblical understanding of … View Resource

  • Biblical Foundations of Intimate Marriage Media Resource by

    Marriage is an institution ordained by God. This message will explore the biblical foundations of marriage with an emphasis on the Genesis creation account and Paul’s words in Ephesians 5. View Resource

  • Big Brother Is Watching You Media Resource by

    In a post-Christian world, people who have rejected God often make an idol of the state, and the state often encourages such dependence. The twentieth century witnessed the rise of a particularly despotic form of statism in countries from China to Russia to Germany. What dangers do we face when the state attempts to replace God? In this session, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. discusses the dangers of statism and the way Christians should respond when they find themselves in a nation where statism has gained ascendancy. View Resource

  • Blessed Are You If You Do Them Media Resource by

    Just prior to suffering the unimaginable, the Lord of glory did the unthinkable — He took the form of a servant and washed the disciples’ feet. Then He called us to do the same. Drawn from the common painful experiences of broken relationships in pastoral ministry, this address by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. considers the foundation of the love among the brethren, how we can serve one another, and better still, where we find the power to forgive one another. View Resource

  • The Call to Wonder Media Resource by

    Jesus encourages us to become like children in order to inherit God’s Kingdom. This session explores the Bible’s call that we be like children, examining the childlike qualities that please God and give us joy. View Resource

  • Children Media Resource by

    In this lesson, Dr. Sproul focuses on God’s call to children in the family, especially from the clear instruction in Ephesians 6 to obey parents in the Lord. Why should they obey? Simply, because God said so. Not only that, He also promises a good life to those who obey. Furthermore, fathers must not shy away from the directive to raise their children in the Lord, though they must beware of stirring up rebellion in their children. In the end, fathers must lead their families to find their identity in the Lord Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Children Are a Heritage Media Resource by

    A biblical vision of parenting and childrearing is urgently needed in today’s world. Common assumptions about children tend to be unbalanced. Some people have naïve and unrealistic expectations about children, while others view them as unwanted burdens. Sadly, many parents attempt to rear their children without a Christ-centered purpose, focusing exclusively on what makes the parent or the child happy. By reminding us that children are a heritage from the Lord, today’s passage affirms that sons and daughters are both a blessing and a sacred trust that parents are called to steward for the glory of God. View Resource

  • Christ and Him Ascended Media Resource by

    When the Son of Man ascended to the Ancient of Days, He was seated at God’s right hand and given all authority in heaven and earth. In this session, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. will explain the significance of the ascension of Christ, explaining how Christ has been exalted. He will explore what it means to confess that Christ is now putting all enemies under His feet. View Resource