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    Sinclair Ferguson, Nathan Clark George, Andrew Peterson, and R.C. Sproul Jr. answer a variety of questions dealing with the responses of evangelical churches and colleges to the arts of drama and literature; how to distinguish between good art and bad art; how parents discuss the dangers of a worldly culture without quenching their child’s wonder, and how we understand God’s immutability. Questions: In relation to Jesus growing in wisdom and stature, how do we understand the immutability of God’s nature? (00:01) Why is there is a discomfort—even a fear—of art, drama, and literature among many evangelical churches, … View Resource

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    From the songs of Moses and Miriam after the exodus to the songs of the angels and the saints in John’s vision of heaven (Ex. 15:1–21; Rev. 5; 15:1–4), the Bible is filled with songs unto our Creator and exhortations to sing His praises. In this session, Nathan Clark George considers the musician’s vocation and how the musical arts are part of the dominion mandate. He will also explore how he approaches song writing, and how the context for the use of the songs impacts that process. View Resource