• Blessed Are the Pure in Heart Article by Michael Allen

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2017

    Purity marks all cultures in their different ways. Sociologists tell us that every tribe or group develops its own expectations regarding social mores and behavior. In speaking of purity, neither Jesus nor the Bible is charting into strange or unfamiliar territory. But the way in which Jesus and the whole biblical witness unpack and commend the call to purity nonetheless proves startling and distinctive. We do well to ask how the words of Matthew 5:8 not only parallel other moralities but also how they break the mold and attest the singular beauty of the gospel. This beatitude, like the others, … View Resource

  • The Importance of Theology Article by Michael Allen

    FROM TABLETALK | January 2017

    Systematic theology” is a label with admittedly clinical connotations. It conjures a picture of the theologian as someone who takes in hand the living Word of God only to dissect and dismember the body of biblical truth into various pieces so that he might label (often in Latin!) and arrange those pieces in categories of his own meticulous devising. Though such a connotation of systematic theology is not uncommon in popular Christian culture, it does not represent what most Christian theologians have intended by the label. Far from attempting to divide the seamless garment of biblical truth, systematic theology considers … View Resource