• Be Imitators of Me Article by John Nunes

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2006

    We need better leaders! That’s a perception these days — that what’s needed most in churches is upgrading the quality of its leadership. Too often, this is defined secularly, in terms of vision implementation, strategic planning, and management models. Whether or not this so-called lack of leadership is the primary problem, there are biblical models of mentoring. These godly lifestyle patterns for transferring effectively the faith will prove helpful to leaders in strengthening their local churches. The writings of Saint Paul especially demonstrate how the informal networks of mentoring work, most often toward a missional aim. Paul’s co-worker, co-writer, and … View Resource

  • Seated at the Right Hand of the Father Article by John Nunes

    FROM TABLETALK | March 2005

    We know the story well. On many occasions after Easter, Jesus appeared plainly to many people, especially to His disciples. Then, about forty days post-resurrection, before their very eyes, He was taken up into heaven. But what meaning does this unparalleled event take on for Jesus’ followers, up to and including us? Like Jesus, we are born, but without a virginal, Spirit-conceived circumstance. Like Jesus’ life, we face tests. But we fail most of ours. Like Jesus, we will really die — unless He first returns — though our deaths lack any cosmic and sacrificial significance. Like Jesus, our bodies … View Resource