• The Mortification of Addictions Article by Jeremy Pierre

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2016

    I used to serve as the deacon of grounds at our church, and weeds were my worst enemies. Weeds are the bullies of the domestic plant world. They steal the precious resources needed for growth from your grass and flowers, and they make no apologies about it. So, they must die. A yardman accepts this duty, and he makes his plan. But not all weeds are created equal, and not all will die with the same efforts. Some are small enough to pull up with your hands. Some require a hand tool. Others take even heavier implements such as shovels, … View Resource

  • Involuntary Sins Article by Jeremy Pierre

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2016

    Trained instincts—that’s how fighter pilots can react immediately to rapidly changing situations as they operate $27 million war machines. When a threat aircraft is closing in, there’s no time for pilots to reason through what to do. They have to rely on instinct—but not just natural instinct. They need instincts shaped deep within them through years of regiment. The countless little decisions they make in the cockpit are automatic, but that doesn’t mean they’re involuntary. The pilot voluntarily trained for them, and in the cockpit he reaps the instinctive benefits of that training. This is a good illustration of how … View Resource

  • Why We Feel Shame Article by Jeremy Pierre

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2015

    Cows don’t feel shame. This amazing fact dawned on me at the Lorain County Fair one particularly mild summer in Ohio. What wasn’t mild was my revulsion at the bulging udders caked with filth on display for the world to see. All the while the cow just stood there, blinking glassy eyes. My near-pubescent mind, already constantly aware of the unpleasant aspects of corporal existence, could not grasp such a thing. Cows may not feel shame, but preteen boys breathe it. And so do all other oxygen-inhaling people, regardless of their stage in life or personal background. It’s been this … View Resource