• “If I Should Die Before I Wake …” Article by Harold Brown

    FROM TABLETALK | April 2000

    WHAT HAPPENS TO US AT DEATH? We know what happens to the body, but what happens to the soul? The materialist’s answer is simple: There is no such thing as a soul, so there is no hope of eternal life and no need to fear anything worse than extinction. By contrast, the Hindu or his New Age imitator deems the soul to be real, independent of the body, and says that after death the soul will migrate to a new body and be reincarnated for another revolution of the wheel of existence. But this view also is not a hope, … View Resource

  • Heresy in the Early Church Article by Harold Brown

    FROM TABLETALK | April 1994

    There is nothing new under the sun,” the Preacher wrote (Eccl. 1:9). According to Professor Klaus Haacker of Wuppertal, Germany, one of the primary sources of error in theology is the desire to say something new. As a teacher of theology for a score of years, I have noticed this: It is extremely hard for a theologian today to say something that is not either borrowed from an earlier, orthodox writer or heretical. Indeed, even the newest heresies, sometimes presented as the latest discoveries in biblical scholarship, usually turn out to be plagiarized from earlier heretics. As a young student … View Resource