• When the Church Doesn’t Shine Article by Elliot Grudem

    FROM TABLETALK | September 2015

    Grace always has about it the scent of scandal,” Philip Yancey wrote. That’s true individually. It’s also true corporately. Jesus didn’t die for a perfect church; He died to make her perfect. At times, Jesus allows His bride’s imperfections to be revealed publicly in a way that is best described as scandal. How should we respond in the midst of church scandal? I’ll suggest three ways: feel, pray, and hope. Feel First, you should feel. I can’t tell you what to feel, because I’m not in the middle of your specific experience. Nor should you let anyone—including yourself—tell you how … View Resource

  • Mercy Ministry Article by Elliot Grudem

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2010

    Christ has given His church deacons to lead the church in its ministries of mercy. Deacons serve those in the church by ministering to people in their times of need. Though deacons lead in this area, ministries of mercy are also the responsibility of every Christian. View Resource