• Gratitude Media Resource by

    Acceptance and gratitude should be distinguishing characteristics of every Christian. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot offers encouragement in being unafraid and steadfast in the midst of personal suffering while illustrating how gratitude and thanksgiving honors God as we receive whatever comes our way, knowing that He loves us and knows what is best. View Resource

  • The Terrible Truth Media Resource by

    Knowing that a sovereign and loving God intimately knows our suffering and pain is comforting and reassuring for Christians. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot reflects upon the terrible truth about suffering as a tremendous mystery for the Christian who knows that there is indeed a loving God but who also experiences tragedy that causes them to question “why?” View Resource

  • Transfiguration Media Resource by

    Transfiguration is about the idea of exchange, which is the central principle of the Christian faith, embodied in the cross. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot describes how the cross does not exempt us from suffering but paradoxically transforms dying ashes into transfigured and redeemed beauty for God’s ultimate glory. View Resource

  • Acceptance Media Resource by

    Suffering is a mystery that is not easily explained but rather something to be affirmed and accepted. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot unpacks the idea of accepting suffering while relying upon God’s promises because a peace that surpasses all understanding will enable us to get through tough times as we trust Him to give us His very best. View Resource

  • Offering Media Resource by

    God provides gifts to His people that are not solely for their own good but are to be offered back to Him for the benefit of the world. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot explains that everything we have and experience is from God and that these gifts are to be offered in sacrificial obedience as the highest form of worship. View Resource

  • The Message Media Resource by

    As one of the oldest books in the Bible, Job deals most specifically and directly with the subject of suffering. In this lesson, Elisabeth Elliot looks at suffering as one of God’s ways of getting our attention as we trust Him to walk with us through life’s hardships. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers Media Resource by

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