• The Transcendent Love of God Article by Don Kistler

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2006

    In John 17 we are invited to listen in as Jesus talks intimately with His Father. That prayer is often called the “High Priestly Prayer” of Christ. Thinking as I do that we read the Bible far too quickly, it is not surprising to me that we have missed something that our Lord prays for that is more significant than His concern for unity. In verse 23 (and repeated in verse 26), Jesus wants believers to know that however much God the Father loves God the Son, that is how much God the Father loves all His children. So many … View Resource

  • Redemption Planned Article by Don Kistler

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2004

    In Reformed circles, we hear much about the covenants. We are a people who place our trust in God’s covenant faithfulness. We hear about the covenant of grace and the covenant of works, but we hear very little about the covenant of redemption. We also hear much about the saving work of Christ, but give little thought to the fact that the triune God conceived the work that the second person of the Trinity would do that would save sinners. Simply stated, the covenant of redemption is a covenant God the Father made with God the Son before the foundation … View Resource