• The Church and God’s Plan for the Ages Media Resource by

    Revelation 1:12-20

    When God saves us as individuals, He does not leave us on our own. He unites us to Christ and in so doing unites us to the church. In this session, Dr. David Hall explains that God’s goal in salvation is to create a holy people for Himself. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers with Carter, Charles, Hall, and Parsons Media Resource by , , ,

    A questions and answers session with Anthony Carter, H.B. Charles Jr., David Hall, and Burk Parsons. Quetions: Why do we have such a hard time understanding the book of Revelation? (00:40) Is Jesus still fully human? (05:20) Is it Scriptural to pray to the Holy Spirit? (06:13) How does our understanding of the Trinity give us assurance of salvation? (08:20) How does the statement “God is love” uniquely define our Christian faith? (09:04) A popular pastor in Atlanta has recently been called out for rejecting the Old Testament. How might the Apostles respond to this? (12:31) I attend an … View Resource