• Planting Churches in Japan: An Interview with Dan Iverson Article by Dan Iverson

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2015

    Tabletalk: How were you called to plant churches in Japan? Dan Iverson: My story is “mercenary to missionary.” I was an infantry officer, serving God in the “unreached” people group called the Marines. My wife, Carol, and I had never considered foreign missions, but then God led us to seminary, and at a missions conference in our first year, the speaker demonstrated from Genesis to Revelation (in about ten hours) God’s plan for “all nations.” We were deeply affected in seeing how proclaiming the gospel and starting churches in every people group was central to the Bible. How had … View Resource

  • Eastern Bankruptcy Article by Dan Iverson

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2012

    My son, Danny, came home from his Japanese baseball practice exclaiming, “Dad, coach is making us worship the ground.” The coach had required them to bow toward the ground in worship. I called a Japanese pastor who said that this was indeed false worship. He reminded me that Japan is pantheistic, like Eastern religions generally. Everything is “god.” There is no distinction between the Creator and creation. In that worldview, it is proper to worship your playing field. This later became a problem for Danny at practice when he would not bow.The first error in Eastern religion is that … View Resource