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    On this panel, various international speakers discuss how God is working in their respective countries. They consider how reformation is taking place today and what the global future of the church may look like. Questions: What is the difference between the church in Scotland, and the church in America? (1:15) What does training for gospel ministry look like in the UK? (6:42) How is the exclusivity of Christ alone under attack in different cultural contexts? (11:38) How can the North American church and the global church better pray and serve each other? (29:35) Note: Answers given reflect the … View Resource

  • Optional Session: The Sufficiency of Christ Media Resource by

    The Reformers knew that salvation is found in Christ alone. This session considers how this major theme of the Reformation is no less important today, and it looks at what Christ’s sufficiency will mean in the future as we face our culture. View Resource

  • Semper Reformanda Media Resource by

    The church Reformed, always reforming according to the Word of God” is a motto that was born from the Reformation’s emphasis on making sure that the church’s life, theology, and worship was more and more fully governed by Scripture. We rejoice in what God did in the sixteenth-century Reformation, but we don’t merely look back. We look ahead to how the Lord will continually conform His church to the Word of God. This session examines the church’s need for ongoing reform, examines how the church is being reformed today both in the West and around the world, and considers how … View Resource