• Indispensable Apologetics: An Interview with Ravi Zacharias Article by Ravi Zacharias

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2012

    Tabletalk: How did you become a Christian? Ravi Zacharias: I became a Christian while a teenager in India, the land of my birth. I had struggled with many issues—especially those of failure and disappointing my family. There was a series of events, but the culminating point came when I tried to take my own life. It was on that bed of suicide when a Bible was brought to me. I heard John 14 read to me, especially verse 19. Jesus said: “Because I live, you also will live.” In that crisis situation, I cried out to Jesus and received … View Resource

  • God’s Dupes? Article by Ravi Zacharias

    FROM TABLETALK | August 2008

    Is the Christian faith intellectual nonsense? Are Christians deluded?  “If God exists and takes an interest in the affairs of human beings, his will is not inscrutable,” writes Sam Harris about the 2004 tsunami in Letter to a Christian Nation. “The only thing inscrutable here is that so many otherwise rational men and women can deny the unmitigated horror of these events and think this is the height of moral wisdom” (p. 48). In his article “God’s Dupes,” Harris argues, “Everything of value that people get from religion can be had more honestly, without presuming anything on insufficient evidence. The … View Resource