• Brightness of Glory

    Hebrews 1:1-3


  • Son of Man, A Servant

    Mark 10:46-52

    Last week I got carried away and preached on more verses than I said I was going to, so this morning I’m going to start at verse 46 instead of verse 42, concentrating our attention on the healing of the blind man named Bartimaeus. So, our text is Mark 10:46–52, … Listen

  • The Blind Man & Peter’s Confession

    Mark 8:22-30

    We continue this morning with our study of the Gospel According to Saint Mark, and we are currently in the 8th chapter of that gospel. This morning I will be reading from verse 22 through verse 30. This section of Mark’s gospel includes his account of what is called the … Listen

  • Peters Confession and Our Cross

    Luke 9:18-26


  • The Widow’s Son

    Luke 7:11-17


  • The Centurion’s Servant

    Luke 7:1-10


  • The Burial of Jesus

    Matthew 27:51-61


  • Jesus Before Caiaphas

    Matthew 26:57-67


  • The Day and the Hour

    Matthew 24:36-44


  • The Prologue of John’s Gospel

    John 1:1-18

    Dr. Sproul introduces us to the Gospel of John and immediately launches into a discussion of the meaning behind the Logos. He then goes into a discussion of the titles given to Jesus. Dr. Sproul parallels the introduction of the book of John as being an echo of what was … Listen

  • The Lamb of God

    John 1:29-51

    This lesson has Jesus being identified by many titles and Dr. Sproul discusses them with a focus on the title “Lamb of God.” In spite of John’s recognition of Jesus as the Messiah, he still expressed doubts which Jesus responded by referring to His miracles. Dr. Sproul also discusses the … Listen

  • Bread from Heaven

    John 6:16-34

    Dr. Sproul starts this section expounding on Jesus’ walking on the water with an investigation into the phrase “I am” in Greek ego eimi. When Jesus is found on the other side of the sea a discussion starts concerning why they seek Him. Dr. Sproul starts the discussion concerning food … Listen

  • The Foot Washing

    John 13:1-17

    Before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus and the disciples gather for a supper and when it ends Jesus proceeds to wash the disciples feet and Peter protests Christ doing this and then when the reason is explained he wants to be washed all over. Dr. Sproul explains all these … Listen

  • The Only Way

    John 14:4-11

    Dr. Sproul starts discussing this section by reviewing Peter’s great confession in Matthew 16:13-17 to remind us that Christ built a confessing church and explains a time in school when he had to confess his faith in Jesus. Dr. Sproul then discusses Jesus’ claim to be the way, the truth … Listen

  • Doubting Thomas

    John 20:19-31

    When Jesus appears to the disciples in the shut room He says “Peace to You” as a greeting, which Dr. Sproul explains along with the proper response. He continues with an explanation of Jesus’ breathing on the disciples and saying “Receive the Holy Spirit.” When Thomas arrives he wants physical … Listen