Lecture 1, The Sexual Revolution:

This Lecture is from the Teaching Series Sex Within a Context.

About the Teaching Series, Sex Within a Context

Everyday we are bombarded with sexual images forced upon us through television, magazines, billboards, and a host of other media. Our culture continually imposes its definition between what is right and wrong when it comes to romantic relationships and sexual conduct.

What is the church’s response to this? Does the Bible have a clear teaching on sexual ethics? How far is too far regarding physical affection between an unmarried man and woman? What is it that underlies the sexual problems of so many marriages? Does the church dare challenge the world to follow her example?

In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines the conflict between what our culture tells us and what the Bible has to say about our sexual conduct.

(Because of the subject matter and the details that are covered, this series is not recommended for children.)