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Lecture 10, The Meaning of Christmas at Easter:

Preachers sometimes speak over the heads of people and so fail to connect with them. As Charles Spurgeon once observed, “Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep,’ not my giraffes.” Yet, our Savior at times delivered teachings that puzzled His disciples, and He even withheld things they could not yet bear. This does not mean that Christ lacked clarity but that the disciples lacked spiritual discernment. As Dr. Ferguson argues, they needed “Velcro strips” in their thinking so that the truth would stick. In this lesson, we find Jesus patiently leading them into deeper truth as He responds to key questions Yet, it would take time for everything to make sense to them. Like the economic forecaster who said of holiday profits, “The meaning of Christmas will not become clear until Easter,” Jesus’ teaching concerning Himself would not be totally clear until the resurrection.