Economics Has Consequences

In this abridged version of the 12-lesson curriculum Economics for Everybody, R.C Sproul Jr. explains why it is so important that Christians understand economics. Economics Has Consequences pulls together some of the key aspects of the original series into one film with fun and interesting clips from old movies and newsreels. A uniquely entertaining exploration of economics.

The first section introduces basic principles of economics such as stewardship, civil government, work, wealth, and entrepreneurism. The second section explores the impact of government intervention on education, the money supply, welfare, depressions, markets, and more. With each succeeding example, it becomes evident that economic freedom is directly related to religious freedom, and that the loss of one inevitably leads to the loss of the other.

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Economics for Everybody: Applying Biblical Principles to Work, Wealth, and the World includes one DVD and a Study Guide. Additional study guides are available.

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