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Lecture 11, Preserving Grace (Part 2):

The example of Judas Iscariot sometimes causes us to scratch our head. How could someone so close to Jesus possibly betray Him and receive the label “son of perdition.” Wouldn’t the acts, words, and nature of Jesus instill in Him a true sense of worship, awe, and adoration? Simply put, the answer is “no.” As the rich man discovered in the parable of Lazarus, even the miraculous nature and works of Jesus cannot convince a sinner dead in his transgressions about His Messianic role without divine intervention in the heart. As Dr. Lawson shows in this lesson, this decision rests in the sovereign will of God alone. Yet, when God determines to pluck someone from his depraved state, He will not be thwarted and His work will never be undone. On the contrary, the recipients of God’s mercy will persevere in grace throughout eternity, eventually arrayed around the throne of their magnificent, glorified Savior, Jesus.