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Lecture 5, Asleep in the Light:

The world is not merely indifferent toward God; the world hates God. His holiness is repugnant to those who are not holy. We love sin, and the greatest enemy of sin is holiness. Therefore, when the unregenerate person hears that God is holy, it doesn’t ignite a sense of awe and delight within him but a sense of hate and hostility. Even professing Christians can succumb to the tendency to re-create the character of God in our minds and worship a god who is altogether different from the God revealed in Scripture. But God is not ashamed of His character. In fact, He calls us to imitate Him in His holiness. In this message, Dr. Sproul considers God’s holiness as the foundation of His praiseworthiness, explaining that if God’s holiness doesn’t awaken a sense of awe within us, then we remain spiritual corpses.