• Guilt and Forgiveness Media Resource by

    Zechariah 3:1-5

    The central message in Scripture is one of forgiveness. The believer in Jesus Christ can have real assurance that the guilt from sin is no more, and that forgiveness has been freely granted. Jesus says that He who the Son sets free is free indeed. So how is it that many believers do not “feel” free? Dr. Sproul considers this question as he helps us deal with the issue of “Guilt and Forgiveness.” View Resource

  • The Nature of Man Media Resource by

    Zechariah 3:1-8

    Why does sin matter to God? Why does He care about our “bad” choices? Beginning this series entitled Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, Dr. Sproul starts off by explaining the biblical teaching of man’s fallen condition and why God is concerned with our behavior. View Resource