• The LORD Will Be King Devotional

    Zechariah 14:1–9

    John Calvin writes, “Nothing indeed can be more blessed than to live under the reign of God; and this highest happiness is ever promised to the faithful.” Because human beings rebel against God, however, His reign is not always acknowledged, and the church suffers attack. But God preserves His inheritance—the elect remnant—both now and in the future. We taste the “highest happiness” today in Christ, and will enjoy it fully at His return. Our enemies will lose the war. View Resource

  • Worship in Jerusalem Devotional

    Zechariah 14:10–21

    When Christ returns to consummate history, there will be no one left who tries to rely on his own efforts or foreign gods for redemption. Even those who are finally cast into hell will be forced to acknowledge that He alone is Lord and that He alone can save. Today, as we trust in Jesus alone for salvation, we join this group that will worship the Lord for eternity, content in His provision. Let us seek Him alone to meet all of our needs now and forever. View Resource

  • The Sukkot to Come Devotional

    Zechariah 14:16–19

    John Calvin comments on Zechariah 14: God subdues “all the enemies of his Church, and in two ways, for some he would destroy, and he would humble others, so as to make them willing servants and ready of themselves to obey his authority.” We should be grateful to God for every material blessing we have, but we should especially express gratitude and humility for His work of salvation in joining us to His covenant people (see Rom. 11:11–24). View Resource