• Taking Captive New Media for the Church Media Resource by

    Titus 1:8

    Every day we communicate through various media. From the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the fifteenth century to the rise of the internet in the late twentieth century, throughout history societies have invented new forms of media in order to communicate more efficiently. As we approach the second decade of the twenty-first century we have witnessed the rise of numerous new media and have been left to fend for ourselves to figure out how to use it properly. This Pre-Conference is geared to help equip Christians, young and old, to think biblically about new media and how to use … View Resource

  • OPTIONAL SESSION: Redeemed Womanhood: Generation to Generation Media Resource by

    Titus 2:3-5

    In this optional session, Susan Hunt looks at what the Bible says about women’s roles and how that transfers from one generation to the next. View Resource

  • Women’s Ministry in the Local Church Media Resource by

    Titus 2:3-5

    In this message, Susan Hunt examines what Scripture says about gender distinctiveness and looks at areas of service within the church. View Resource

  • God-Centered Adult Education Media Resource by

    Titus 2:10-15

    God has ordained the preaching of His Word, prayer, and the sacraments as the means by which He sanctifies people’s lives. There is no substitute for the Scriptures if we want to know and please God. Unfortunately, the church today is dethroning God and the power of His Gospel for alternatives and counterfeits. In this series of lectures from Ligonier Ministries’ 2007 Pastors Conference, Drs. R.C. Sproul, Joel Beeke, and Steven Lawson strive to remind pastors that preaching God’s Word faithfully ought to be their primary mission. This conference seeks to provide biblical guidance for overcoming the eclipse of God … View Resource

  • Zealous for Good Deeds Media Resource by

    Titus 2:11-14

    When we are passionate for God, we, in turn, are passionate for whatever He calls us to do. Every believer is to do his work wholeheartedly, not as men-pleasers, but as God-pleasers—not with mere external service, but from the heart (Col. 3:22-24). In this session, Steven Lawson will explain how our love for God affects the manner with which we accomplish His work. What is more, those who are zealous for God’s glory will be redeeming the time, serving Him with a sense of urgency. View Resource