• Boaz Redeems Elimelech’s Line Devotional

    Ruth 4:1–12

    Boaz is a preeminent example of selflessness, willing to risk the loss of his own name so that he could make sure that the name and line of his relative Elimelech would not pass away. This kind of selflessness in which we put others ahead of ourselves is a character trait toward which all believers must strive. Let us seek ways to be selfless this day, asking the Lord to help us put others first. View Resource

  • Naomi, a Life Restored Devotional

    Ruth 4

    The book of Ruth tells us God uses ordinary people to do great things. In the Lord’s providence a bitter widow who advocated dubious means for a good end, a loyal daughter-in-law, and a self-sacrificing man of honor were all used in His plan of salvation. All of us, no matter our past sins or present vocations, have an important place in our Father’s unfolding plan for history. By faith, seek to obey Him and thereby fulfill this role. View Resource

  • Ruth’s Righteous Husband Devotional

    Ruth 4

    Boaz was ultimately rewarded for his selfless deed when he was included in the line of David and thus the line of Christ (Matt. 1:1–17). He did not know that this would be his reward when he cared for Ruth, however. Likewise, we do not always know how God is going to reward us for doing what is right, but we can rest assured that we will be repaid for any sacrifice we make to obey His law, whether now, in the age to come, or both. View Resource

  • A Story of Hesed Devotional

    Ruth 4:13–22

    God has shown us unwavering covenant loyalty and love—hesed—and we are to show the same in return to Him and to His people. We cannot do that without the aid of the Holy Spirit, whom the Lord gives to all who believe in His name alone for salvation. How can we tangibly show our love and loyalty to God and His people today by worshiping Him and serving others? View Resource