• Ruth Gleans in Boaz’s Field Devotional

    Ruth 2:1–18

    We are not to add to God’s law, but we know that the law is meant to be followed in its spirit, not just in its letter. Just as the commandment against adultery, for example, was to encourage people to develop hearts free of lust, the commandments about gleaning were to encourage people to develop hearts of greater generosity. Let us seek to be generous to others this day. View Resource

  • Boaz, a Servant of God Devotional

    Ruth 2

    When Ruth reports Boaz’s generosity to her mother-in-law, Naomi begins to move out of her bitterness and back toward faith (Ruth 2:20–21). We should never underestimate the effect our generosity can have on other people. In fact, when we give to others in the name of Christ, we ought not be surprised if some become believers and others renew their trust in the Lord. All of us should be looking for opportunities to give generously of our time and resources. View Resource

  • Naomi Sees God’s Kindness Devotional

    Ruth 2:19–3:5

    Naomi found evidences of God’s covenant loyalty in the provision of Boaz the redeemer. We can find evidences of God’s covenant loyalty and kindness in our lives as well. Let us consider today the many ways that God has been kind to us in saving us, preserving us, and giving us many extra blessings besides. Let us thank Him for this kindness and loyalty. View Resource