• The Holy Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    With the rise of Pentecostalism and the charismatic movement in the twentieth century, the Holy Spirit is no longer the forgotten person of the Trinity. There is, however, great confusion among many church members about His person and work and gifts. Sinclair Ferguson explains that it is the responsibility of those called to lead the church to teach those who are entrusted to them about the Holy Spirit – the third Person of the Trinity. View Resource

  • No Condemnation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    We can find only condemnation when we stand before God because we are controlled by the law of sin and death. Our only help is found in Christ, for in Him we experience no condemnation before the bar of God’s justice. In this session, H.B. Charles Jr. focuses on Romans 8:1–4, explaining that Christians do not need to fear the condemnation of God, for Christ has secured the justification that the law cannot provide to sinners. Dr. Charles also explores the fundamental problem of our estrangement from God, and he shows that the righteousness of Christ, received by faith alone, … View Resource

  • No Condemnation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    In contemporary Western culture, it has become commonplace to think of Christianity as restrictive, harsh, or judgmental in nature. Those who believe this have sadly misunderstood the central theme of the Christian faith: the forgiveness of sins as freely offered to sinners because of what Jesus Christ has accomplished. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores one of the pivotal motifs of Romans 8, the reality that there is no condemnation for sinners who place their hope in Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home (Optional Session) Media Resource by

    Romans 8

    View Resource

  • Sanctification, Part 3 Media Resource by

    Romans 8

    In our last two lessons, we looked at Paul’s teaching on sanctification from Romans 6 and 7, especially as it related to our union with Christ in His death and resurrection and how we live under His rule. In Christ, sin no longer reigns in our lives, but it does remain, leaving us to struggle against it throughout the entire Christian life. In this lesson, Dr. Waters opens up one more area in Paul’s thought related to sanctification. Specifically, he shows us that this Christian life of dying to sin and living to righteousness remains impossible without the ministry of … View Resource

  • OPTIONAL SESSION: By Grace Alone Media Resource by ,

    Romans 8:3-4

    In this optional session, Sinclair Ferguson poses probing questions for today’s believer: “If I am not amazed by God’s grace, can I really be living in it? Can I really be tasting, and savoring, and delighting in it?” Related Resource: By Grace Alone View Resource

  • The Valley of the Shadow of Death Media Resource by

    Romans 8:5

    After Christian left the Valley of Humiliation, his path led him to an even darker and more foreboding place. This is often the case in the Christian life, as one period of difficulty may follow another. In these times, Christians can be particularly vulnerable to temptation, discouragement, and spiritual desolation. Yet, God will not desert His people in the valley. As Christian learned, God’s faithfulness often is revealed most poignantly in the midst of doubt and hardship. View Resource

  • A New Mind-Set Media Resource by

    Romans 8:5-7

    Romans 8 draws a stark contrast between the attitudes and lifestyles of people who are spiritually dead and those of people who are spiritually alive. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas will discuss what it means to be alive spiritually and will describe the ripple effect of this supernatural life in the lives of believers. View Resource

  • The Spirit Is Life Media Resource by

    Romans 8:5-11

    When God saves us, He does not merely pardon us and declare us righteous. By His grace and by the work of the Holy Spirit, He also enables us to follow Him and to become more and more like Christ. In this session, Derek Thomas focuses on Romans 8:5–11 and the work of the Spirit in freeing people from the dominion of sin and in empowering our growth in holiness. View Resource

  • The Indwelling of the Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:8-11

    One of the greatest treasures of the gospel is the reality that the Spirit of God dwells in believers. This simple but profound truth can change every part of our lives. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas describes what it means to have the Spirit dwelling within, and he invites believers to revel in the glorious hope of the future that the Holy Spirit offers us. View Resource

  • Walking in the Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:9-14

    Scripture gives many titles to the Spirit, both explicitly and implicitly. He is our comforter, advocate, and the one who regenerates our hearts and pours life into dust. Yet, there is one title that we pass over simply because of its familiarity: the Spirit is the Holy Spirit. He is holy in and of Himself, and Jesus sends His Holy Spirit to dwell in us in order that we might be holy. Long ago, the Lord commanded “be holy, for I am holy.” The Spirit of Jesus aids believers in their sanctification and their growth in the image of our … View Resource

  • Putting Sin to Death Media Resource by

    Romans 8:12-13

    Even after being clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ, we continue to wrestle with sin. Although our sinful record has been removed, our sinful nature remains. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas introduces the reality of indwelling sin and encourages us with the truth that the indwelling Spirit enables us to put it to death. View Resource

  • Heirs of God Media Resource by

    Romans 8:12-17

    In redeeming us, God sets us free from slavery to unrighteousness and makes us heirs of His kingdom, free men and women adopted as His children, having all the rights that belong to His sons and daughters in Christ. In this session, Steven Lawson looks at God’s work in adopting us as His heirs and the assurance that we have as children of God. Dr. Lawson directs us to look for evidence in our lives that we are children of God; namely, that we follow His Spirit. He also considers the inner testimony of the Holy Spirit that assures us … View Resource

  • The Testimony of the Holy Spirit Media Resource by

    Romans 8:12-17

    Having discussed God’s promises and personal evidences of grace as sources of our assurance, Dr. Beeke now examines the third foundation for assurance: the testimony of the Holy Spirit. In this lesson, we will learn how the Spirit can apply God’s Word directly to the soul, resulting in great assurance. We will also learn how to test whether this experience is truly from God. View Resource

  • The Golden Chain of Salvation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:12-39

    Many Christians say they do not believe in predestination. But, the Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Romans that predestination is a vital link in what is commonly called the “Golden Chain of Salvation.” What is your view of predestination? How does it link together with the other doctrines of the faith and salvation? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us how the biblical doctrine of predestination is a true source for comfort in the Christian life. View Resource