• Away from God’s Sight Devotional

    Romans 8:3–4

    Sin’s power controls all of those who are in Adam and not united to Christ by faith alone. But when we trust in Jesus, we are not only clothed in righteousness, we are also freed from sin’s dominion. This does not mean we will be sinless before we are glorified, but it does mean that we do not have to let sin reign over us any longer. Because we are in Christ, we can put sin to death and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior. View Resource

  • The Comfort Of God’s Sovereign Providence Devotional

    Romans 8:28

    John Calvin writes, “Ignorance of providence is the greatest of all miseries, and the knowledge of it the highest happiness” (Institutes 1.17.11). We have nothing to fear if God ordains and governs whatsoever comes to pass. Our ultimate good will be achieved, and we can trust that even the worst this world has to offer will finally be used to glorify the Lord and benefit us View Resource

  • Cosmic Redemption Devotional

    Romans 8:19-22

    Sin has consequences not only for ourselves but also for the entire creation. Because of what we did in Adam, the world suffers. One day, the suffering will be over, and this is a day for which even the earth hopes. In the meantime, we can alleviate the suffering of the world and all that is in it through good stewardship of its resources. This is one of our callings as Christians, and we fulfill it out of love for the Creator. View Resource

  • Creation Freed from Decay Devotional

    Romans 8:18–25

    Non-Christian environmentalism can be really a form of nature worship that elevates the creature over the Creator. Christians are to be good stewards of creation and look not to misuse it because they know the damage that pollution and other such things create makes it harder for others to see the glory of our Lord. We care for our own little corner of God’s world so that His glory can be seen readily in it. View Resource

  • Debtors to the Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:12-13

    John Murray comments, “The believer’s once-for-all death to the law and to sin does not free him from the necessity of mortifying sin in his members; it makes it necessary and possible for him to do so.” Our efforts to walk in holiness as we follow the Holy Spirit do not save us, but they show that the Lord has saved us. God is preparing us for heaven, and our calling is to serve Him in the power of the Spirit that we will be renewed and readied for the consummation of His kingdom. View Resource

  • Effectual Calling Devotional

    Romans 8:29–31

    Some would say, “Well, sure, there is an internal call: God internally calls all men. But some resist His call, while others cooperate.” Use Romans 8:28 and 30 to show that this is not what Paul means by the call of God in those verses. Do you understand the difference? Can you help someone else understand it? View Resource

  • Eternal Security? Devotional

    Romans 8:31-39

    Do you question whether you can lose your salvation? Do you wonder whether your profession of faith is sincere? Have you struggled with doubt much of your Christian life? If so, spend some time in prayer today, asking God to help you see and know the truth about your salvation through the upcoming studies on this subject. View Resource

  • Fighting the Flesh Devotional

    Romans 8:1-11

    Only as we understand the enemy of the flesh can we begin to please God. The Lord is not content for mere external holiness. He wants our hearts, and he measures holiness based on what lies within (1 Sam. 16:7). Fighting the flesh means, primarily, fighting against those attitudes of the heart that are opposed to the Lord. As we focus on the inward man, our external obedience will improve, but external obedience is of little value if we do not love God with our whole hearts. View Resource

  • The Flesh Devotional

    Romans 8:1–8

    Learning to love the things God loves is essential to the mortification of our flesh. Aside from studying Scripture by ourselves, small-group Bible studies and accountability relationships between members of the same sex are powerful weapons in our spiritual warfare. Do you have a close Christian friend to whom you can safely confess your struggles and temptations? Find someone who can encourage you to live in holiness in word and in deed. View Resource

  • Foreknowledge Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    The “foreknowledge” view sees all of history as some great movie that God watched but did not create. He is therefore not sovereign. The flow of history depends upon the will of man, not the plan of God. This week thank God for “foreloving” you. View Resource

  • Glory Through Glorification Devotional

    Romans 8:28–30

    Think about how amazing it is that the Lord has purposed to bring about His own glory in and through our glorification. God could have left us in our sin, and He would have been glorified in our condemnation. Yet, He has chosen His people that He might be glorified not only as Judge but also as Savior (Rom. 9:1–29). Because God has sworn that He will be glorified through our glorification, He cannot fail to bring our salvation to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • The Glory To Be Revealed Devotional

    Romans 8:18

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Romans: “The difference between the present degree of pain we experience and the blessedness to which God has appointed His people is so immensely different that there is no way to compare them. Any comparison we come up with falls short.” When you are discouraged by your troubles, know that what is to come for you in Christ will be so wonderful that all your pain will be worth it. View Resource

  • God Does What the Law Cannot Devotional

    Romans 8:3

    Paul is insistent that Jesus is the answer to sin because He has done what God’s law cannot. It is not the law’s fault that it cannot justify sinful people; rather, it is our fault. Outside of Christ, our fallenness takes hold of the law, and we are unable to fulfill it. The good news of the gospel is that God sent His Son to do what we could not do even with the help of the law. Such is the nature of His grace—grace for which our gratitude must never cease. View Resource

  • God’s Almighty Power Devotional

    Romans 8:31–32

    Dr. R.C. Sproul comments on today’s passage: “Paul is not suggesting that if God is for us, nobody will ever stand to oppose us. The import of his declaration is simple: all the human opposition that rises against us is meaningless in the final analysis, because all the opposition in the world cannot overthrow the glory that God has laid up for His saints from the foundation of the world” (Romans, p. 293). We will face trials in this life, but they cannot finally defeat us if the Lord is on our side. View Resource

  • God’s Work for Our good Devotional

    Romans 8:28

    God works all things together for our good if we love Christ. Not just some things, not just most things, but all things are used by Him for our ultimate good and His final glory, which is the highest good of all (Col. 1:27). When we walk through the most difficult things in life, we should never lose heart. Even if we cannot see it now, God is taking what others have planned for evil and using it for your good. If you are in Christ, He is working all things for your good. View Resource