• An Assured Salvation Devotional

    Romans 5:1

    The Scriptures make clear that peace with God is the foundation for and source of the peace of God. Such peace stems from knowing that almighty God has set His love upon us and orders all our circumstances for our good. Do you have such peace? If so, rejoice to know that you are justified, that the enmity between you and God is ceased. View Resource

  • Peace with God Devotional

    Romans 5:1

    Perhaps the most important thing to understand about shalom is that it can never be lost. Jesus has not brokered a fragile cease-fire with God, such that full-scale conflagration can erupt at the slightest provocation. Instead, He has brought us a peace that can never be lost. If we are truly in Christ, we will never become His enemies again. Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary on Romans, “Christ is our peace, so for us there is no more war with God.” View Resource

  • The Peace that Brings Access Devotional

    Romans 5:1–2

    We take for granted the benefit we have in Christ of access into God’s presence when we fail to thank Him for His grace and when we fail to come before Him humbly in prayer. All of us should be setting time aside often for prayer even if it is only for a short while. Endeavor each day to offer your prayers unto the Lord in His presence and make sure that such prayers always include thankfulness for His divine goodness. View Resource

  • Peace With God Devotional

    Romans 5:1–2

    Before we came to know Jesus we were at enmity with God. We sought only to war against Him and to become independent of His sovereign rule. However, once we came to know Christ and to trust in Him alone, God made peace with us. In Jesus, He did all the work necessary to end the war with us. Let us therefore offer praise to His name because instead of giving us the punishment we deserve, He poured out His wrath on His Son so that we could know His peace. View Resource

  • Living in Christ’s Death Devotional

    Romans 5:1–5

    Have you been asleep to your sinfulness lately? In your prayers today, ask God to show you where the continuing cycle of sin and death is operating in your life. Then confess these things to Him, and appropriate His forgiveness and the power of new resurrection life in Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Fruits of Justification Devotional

    Romans 5:1–11

    Rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God is not just some inward attitude. It means that the community of the saints actively praises God in worship. Through the Spirit, the church stands on the sea of glass before God’s throne and praises Him. Consider Romans 5:1–2 as it relates to worship as you prepare to go to church this Lord’s Day. View Resource

  • Peace with God Devotional

    Romans 5:1–11

    In the new covenant era, Isaiah 52:7 is fulfilled in the work of God’s people as they publish news of peace with Him across the world (Rom. 10:15). All of us who have found peace with God through His Son Jesus Christ should be ready to announce the way of God’s peace to the people around us. Are you prepared to show from Scripture that all men outside of Jesus are at enmity with the Creator and that peace can be found only in Jesus? View Resource

  • Peace with God Devotional

    Romans 5:1–11

    Being forgiven and set free from bondage to sin are not the only benefits we receive from being justified in the sight of God; we also receive peace with Him. If you have trusted in Christ alone for salvation, the Lord will discipline you as His child (Heb. 12:5–6), but His wrath has been turned away from you. Is God at peace with you? If you have never believed on Jesus, do so today, and you will have peace. Go spread the news of this peace to friends and family. View Resource

  • The Wellspring of Love Devotional

    Romans 5:1-11

    Sin, ultimately is a failure to love ordinately. Either we fail to love enough, as when we mistreat others, or we love too much, as when we elevate love of God’s gifts above love of God. Seek always to give love to that which love is due, and in due proportion. View Resource

  • Access by Faith Devotional

    Romans 5:2

    The biblical doctrine of perseverance gives us confidence without presumption. We know that nothing can snatch us out the hand of our omnipotent Savior if we are in Him, but we do not presume to be in Him unless we see daily faith and repentance. We are not looking for the perfect manifestation of such things. We only need to find their presence. If we have any sorrow for sin and love for Christ at all, we are His and we will endure. View Resource

  • Our Cherished Hope Devotional

    Romans 5:2

    You may have been a Christian for many years, but in a very real sense you are still standing in the “foyer” of God’s grace. He is going to take you farther on, even unto glorification, when you will see His face. Do you actively think about this great and certain hope? Do so, that your faith might be strengthened and your heart encouraged. View Resource

  • A New View of Suffering Devotional

    Romans 5:3-5

    Have you learned to look for the good that God is working to bring out of your tribulations? Be diligent to take your experiences of suffering to Him in prayer, asking for perseverance, character, and hope. Ask also for assurance of His love. Pray that He will bring you to the point where you can truly embrace suffering even as Christ did. View Resource

  • Our Christian Hope Devotional

    Romans 5:3–5

    That God pours His love for us into our hearts helps us to be confident that those who receive such an outpouring will endure to the end in faith. If the Lord Himself convinces us of His own love for us, and He must do so since His love is an omnipotent and everlasting love, how can we not persevere until the end? As we grow in our knowledge of God’s love for us His people, we are encouraged to love Him more in return, and by this we know that we will see Him in glory. View Resource

  • Assured by Love Devotional

    Romans 5:6-8

    We tend to think secretly (perhaps subconsciously) that God must have loved us for some reason within ourselves. But Scripture says there was nothing in us to love. Have you begun to understand the amazing nature of divine love? Pray that you might grasp the depth of your sin, that you might better appreciate God’s love for you. View Resource

  • God’s Display of His Love Devotional

    Romans 5:6–8

    It is not merely that the perfect God-man died for imperfect people, though such is true as far as it goes. Instead, the perfect God-man died for those who hated His perfection, for those who were openly hostile to Him and refused to seek His perfect glory (Rom. 3:9–18). If it is so hard for us as sinners to love our enemies, what kind of love must God have to love His enemies in such a way? Full adoration is the only appropriate response to a God of such love. View Resource