• Paul’s Letter to the Romans Media Resource by

    Romans 3:19-4:8

    Paul gives his most exhaustive treatment of the doctrine of justification by faith in his letter to the Romans. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul takes us through the most important passages of Romans and expands on the theological concepts contained within the doctrine of justification. View Resource

  • The Nature of Saving Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 3:19-5:11

    Saving faith is not merely mental acceptance of the Gospel, and justification is not secured by a mere outward profession of faith. As Dr. Sinclair Ferguson will explain in this message, saving faith includes mental assent to the content of the Gospel, acknowledgement of our sin and need, and personal trust and reliance upon Christ and his work. View Resource

  • Here I Stand Media Resource by

    Romans 4:1-3

    Martin Luther’s stand for the gospel was the means through which God brought reformation to His church. In this session, Dr. Michael Reeves considers Luther’s life and legacy, emphasizing his teachings on the authority of Scripture, justification, and Christian freedom. View Resource

  • The Great Exchange Media Resource by

    Romans 4:1-8

    First Corinthians 6:20 tells us that we were bought with a price. But there was more that happened at the cross than a flat out purchase. An exchange took place that was more of a legal transaction than a financial one. In “The Great Exchange,” Dr. Sproul explains some of the necessary legalities that were essential to establishing our justification. View Resource

  • The Faith of Abraham Media Resource by

    Romans 4

    Were the Old Testament believers saved by the Law while New Testament believers are saved by grace through faith? In this message entitled “The Faith of Abraham,” Dr. Sproul looks at the fourth chapter of Romans to settle once and for all that salvation is not attained by the Law. View Resource

  • Faith Alone (Part 1) Media Resource by

    Romans 4:3

    Regarding salvation, what is the fundamental difference between true Christianity and all the other religions of the world? Considering the question of salvation from the historical and theological framework of the Protestant Reformation, Dr. Sproul looks at “Faith Alone.” View Resource

  • Justified by Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 4:3-5

    Since the Reformation, the doctrine of justification has been famously described as “the article by which the church stands and falls.” This doctrine profoundly shapes the way we envision our relationship with God and our approach to the Christian life. In this lesson, Dr. Reeves recounts how Martin Luther’s rediscovery of this biblical truth turned his life upside down. By recovering and reclaiming this crucial doctrine today, we too can experience confidence, freedom, and joy. View Resource

  • Justification By Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 4:5

    View Resource

  • Sacraments, Part 1 Media Resource by

    Romans 4:11

    View Resource

  • The Power of the Promise Media Resource by

    Romans 4:13

    The glory of God is being made manifest as His kingdom is being made manifest, and the kingdom has in fact grown through history, despite the decline of Western culture. View Resource