• It Depends on Faith Devotional

    Romans 4:13–25

    All of us face the temptation to believe something more must be done for us to gain right standing with God. Unspoken doubts about our forgiveness can be a sign we think the price Christ paid for us on the cross was not enough. If you are having trouble understanding Christ’s atonement, look to the Word of God and the law of Christ as something to be obeyed in thankfulness and not something to be done to earn forgiveness. View Resource

  • Resting on Grace Devotional

    Romans 4:16a

    Dr. R.C. Sproul comments in his commentary on Romans: “It is Christ’s righteousness that justifies us. All we bring to the table is our trust in Him and His righteousness. If we add one ounce of our own righteousness as our confidence, we repudiate the gospel.” Those of faith will do good works, but they do not bring those works to God and ask Him to justify them based upon their deeds. Faith alone means grace alone, and grace alone means that God alone gets the glory for our salvation. View Resource

  • The Assurance of Faith Devotional

    Romans 4:16-17

    Dr. R.C. Sproul has often noted that it is not enough merely to believe in God. We must also believe God, which means that we believe not only that He exists and can do what He says but that He will do what He says. This is the kind of faith that pleases God. Justifying faith believes that God will do what He says and declare us righteous in Christ. It thus carries with it a degree of assurance that His promises are true and reliable. View Resource

  • Persevering, Strengthening Faith Devotional

    Romans 4:18–21

    That Paul uses Abraham as a model of faith should greatly encourage us. It shows that the faith that justifies us is not a faith that never faces doubt or that is as strong as it could be at every point in life. Instead, justifying faith is persevering faith. It may struggle at times to hope in God but it nevertheless endures to the end. Let us pray that the Lord would strengthen our faith, and let us hope in the work of Christ and not in how strong our faith happens to be at any given moment. View Resource

  • Declaration Versus Transformation Devotional

    Romans 4:22–24a

    Our justification is no “legal fiction.” When God considers the evidence upon which He justifies us, the evidence He considers is what Christ has done, not what we have done. This is our only hope, because if our lives are the standard, we could never be righteous in His sight. Past, present, and future sin would always stand in the way. The Lord transforms us, but He does not transform us in order to justify us. He transforms us because He has justified us in Christ. View Resource

  • For Abraham’s Sake and Ours Devotional

    Romans 4:22–25

    As sinners, we regularly overlook the faults and transgressions of others. We know that no sinner is perfect, and so we are often willing to give people a pass when they do the very same misdeeds of which we ourselves are guilty. Yet, we err when we project this same attitude onto God. He demands absolute perfection, and the good news of the gospel is that Christ has met our need for perfection and that we benefit from His work through faith alone. View Resource

  • Raised for Our Justification Devotional

    Romans 4:24b–25

    In his lectures on Romans, Martin Luther comments on the death and resurrection of our Savior, showing that it demonstrates that Christ’s “death not only signifies but actually effects the remission of sin as a most sufficient satisfaction.” We can have confidence that our sin has been fully and finally atoned for because of the resurrection of Christ. There is nothing left to be done to pay for sin. If we trust in Jesus, we are covered by His blood forever. View Resource