• Phoebe’s Commendation Devotional

    Romans 16:1–2

    When others serve faithfully, it is appropriate to recognize them for what they have done. In the case of Phoebe, this meant that it was right for the church at Rome to receive her with open arms and to provide for her needs. In our day, this means showing hospitality to our brothers and sisters in Christ—especially if they have served faithfully. We might also recognize and encourage a brother or sister for a job well done in a more public way, if it’s appropriate. View Resource

  • Greetings for Prisca and Aquila Devotional

    Romans 16:3–5a

    Some scholars have theorized that Apollos wrote the book of Hebrews, and if this is true, there is little doubt that some of its content comes from the teaching of Prisca and Aquila. Even if Apollos did not write Hebrews, he clearly had an effective ministry of evangelism and defending the faith. This indicates the importance of our own discipleship efforts, whether we are teaching our own children, friends, or others. Someone we teach might in turn instruct thousands of others. View Resource

  • Paul’s Fellow Prisoners Devotional

    Romans 16:5b–7

    Sometimes we are tempted to believe that we cannot have a significant ministry or influence if we are not ordained to church leadership. Yet that is to look at the kingdom of God in a worldly manner, for while the Lord has established offices of leadership in the church, important ministry work is reserved for laypeople as well. Let us strive to serve God and His people wherever we are, even if we are not called to an ordained office. View Resource

  • Stature in Christ Devotional

    Romans 16:8–11

    John Calvin also notes that the absence of titles in Romans 16 reveals that many Roman Christians were not a part of the upper class. God invites those whom the world would regard as the unlikeliest of people into His kingdom, and what He prizes is the humble, repentant, and faithful heart, not intellect, socioeconomic position, political power, or any other such thing. These things are not to be despised, but they give no one an advantage in the Lord’s kingdom. View Resource

  • Working Hard In the Lord Devotional

    Romans 16:12–13

    In today’s passage, Paul also commends Rufus’ mother, who was a “mother” to him as well. She evidently showed great care and concern for him at some point during his ministry. As believers in Christ, we should be eager to serve other Christians in such ways, acting as spiritual fathers or spiritual mothers to those who need us. Such work is praiseworthy in God’s sight, and it brings Him great glory. View Resource

  • Honoring Faithfulness Devotional

    Romans 16:14–15

    Not everyone who works hard for Christ’s church receives honor and commendation from other people such as we see in Paul’s list of greetings. But even when no one else commends us for our work, the Lord sees what we are doing, and it is His evaluation that matters. Let us all serve the Lord in gratitude for our once-for-all salvation so that we will one day hear these words from God Himself: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” View Resource

  • Greeting One Another Devotional

    Romans 16:16

    The differences that separate professing Christian denominations are significant—many of them even touching the heart of the gospel—so we should never minimize them. Yet we should not so separate from others who affirm the true gospel that we believe Jesus cannot be at work in other churches or denominations. Christ is building His church, and He is doing it through many different ecclesiastical bodies. View Resource

  • Avoiding False Teachers Devotional

    Romans 16:17

    No matter how biblically faithful its confession and creeds, no church or denomination is immune from false teachers. If church leaders will not keep watch over the orthodoxy of their ministers and if congregations refuse to be on watch for error, it is only a matter of time before falsehood takes root and grows unchecked like a cancer. Leaders and laypeople alike have the responsibility of making sure their churches remain united in the truth of the gospel. View Resource

  • Unity in Truth Devotional

    Romans 16:17–20

    When joining a church, we often vow to preserve its peace and purity. Unity and peace are difficult to maintain since people are instinctively critical. Decide beforehand that when strife or error comes in your church, your concern will be the unity and preservation of the church, tempered by the need for purity and truth. View Resource

  • Signs of the False Teacher Devotional

    Romans 16:18

    When it comes to false teaching, what matters is not really the form of the words spoken but their content and the intent behind them. Sometimes truth must be presented with harsh words, but often it can be conveyed with gentleness. Similarly, words of praise do not have to be insincere. Whether we are teachers or not, let us seek to speak only the truth, and let us do so with the gentleness or firmness the occasion requires. View Resource

  • Wise in Good, Innocent in Evil Devotional

    Romans 16:19

    Knowing what orthodox, biblical Christianity teaches is not difficult. In fact, even unbelievers can know what the Bible says. But head knowledge is not enough. Doctrine must penetrate our hearts so that we are convicted to repent of sin and seek to do what is good. As we study the things of the Lord, let us continually ask Him to use what we study to bring us to repentance and to establish our hearts with the desire and understanding needed to do what He seeks from us. View Resource

  • Our Promised Victory Devotional

    Romans 16:20

    As Christians, we see the enemies of God tremble in fear as His kingdom grows. Sometimes that looks like a victory, from our perspective, as many people join the church and cultural standards move in the direction of godliness. Sometimes, from our perspective, it looks like defeat as we suffer for the sake of the Lord. Either way, however, the kingdom of the Lord is advancing as He has ordained, and the Enemy is being placed under our feet. View Resource

  • Satan Crushed Under Our Feet Devotional

    Romans 16:20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that this promise refers not only to the last day when the final victory over Satan will be consummated, but also to the present era. God often defeats our enemies on this side of glory, and for that we should be grateful. As we work for peace and purity in Christ’s church, let us not neglect to be in continual prayer for success, and may we seek always for the name of God to be magnified. View Resource

  • Greetings From Paul’s Associates Devotional

    Romans 16:21–24

    Today’s passage shows us yet again that even the Apostles had valued coworkers in ministry and depended on others for their efforts. Indeed, this is how the Lord has made us—to rely on each other for fellowship and for assistance in ministry and in pleasing Him. There is no such thing as a healthy “lone ranger” Christian. We need each other, and as we share in the family of the saints, we all benefit. View Resource

  • Paul’s Concluding Doxology Devotional

    Romans 16:25–26

    Note that in today’s passage, those whom the preaching of Jesus Christ will strengthen are the Roman Christians—men and women who are already believers. God not only brings His people to faith through the preaching of the gospel, but He also strengthens them in their faith through the continual preaching and application of the gospel. Attending to the preached Word of God should be one of the primary goals in our lives, for that is how the Lord matures us. View Resource