• God’s Chosen Remnant Devotional

    Romans 11:1-5

    Ethnic Gentiles continue to vastly outnumber ethnic Jews in the company of God’s people. However, the fact that some Jews do believe in Jesus is proof of the Lord’s faithfulness to His Word. He has not rejected ethnic Israel, though that does not mean all Jews will be saved. Because He has not rejected His old covenant people, we can be sure that He will not reject His new covenant people. That is a tremendous encouragement for us to remain faithful to Him. View Resource

  • The Question of Israel Devotional

    Romans 11:1–10

    Often Christians get more upset with one another over prophecy than anything else. Ask God to give you a spirit of charity and a true, sober-minded interest in what His Word has to say on the subject. If disagreement on such matters hinders fellowship with believers, focus on those beliefs you hold in common. Preserve unity in your church. View Resource

  • God’s Olive Tree Devotional

    Romans 11

    Though there are many privileges in being a part of God’s family, we must never become conceited that we trust in Christ while others do not. All of God’s people have been chosen from the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3–6), but it is not due to our own loveliness. Christians should therefore be the most humble of all people. Think of a non-believing friend and pray earnestly for his salvation. Pray fervently that God would humble you before Him. View Resource

  • By Grace, Not Works Devotional

    Romans 11:6

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Romans: “These two concepts—grace and works—are mutually exclusive… . It is one or the other, grace or works.” A day does not go by in which we are not tempted to make our effort at least a small part of the reason why the Lord accepts us. That is why we must keep coming back to the Bible’s teaching on grace. If we waver on this and admit our works in any sense, we have compromised the gospel and have no assurance of salvation. View Resource

  • Keeping Grace Gracious Devotional

    Romans 11:6

    All true Christians have a desire to obey God, but how do we separate that from our trusting in our own works? We know that we are trusting in our righteousness when we begin to think that our standing before God is based on our obedience. When we find ourselves thinking this way, we must return to the gospel and remember that we stand before God unafraid only when we are covered by the obedience of Christ. View Resource

  • Who is Israel? Devotional

    Romans 11:7-10

    All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16-17), and that means there is nothing insignificant in the Bible. Every word was carefully chosen by the Apostles and prophets, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we must put in the hard work required to understand each word in context. In so doing, we show the proper respect for our Creator, and we are equipped to rightly understand and apply the text of Scripture to our lives. View Resource

  • Riches for the World Devotional

    Romans 11:11-12

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “The nation had not fallen [so far], so that he who is a Jew must necessarily perish or be alienated from God.” Though the Israel according to the flesh has been resistant to believing in Christ, this will not last forever. Not all Jews will be saved—just as not all Gentiles will be saved—but the Lord will bring the Israel according to the flesh into His kingdom. And He may do so through us as we share the gospel with the Jewish people. View Resource

  • From Praise to Praise Devotional

    Romans 11:11–36

    This principal, “To Him are all things,” is critical for our understanding. Remember that the great expanse of the universe, the intricacy and design of creation, the panoramic scope of history, even the great plan of redemption all find their ultimate meaning and significance not in the pleasure of man, but as they glorify God. View Resource

  • The Jews and the Resurrection Devotional

    Romans 11:13-15

    Scripture often speaks in corporate categories, talking about the salvation of entire groups without meaning that every single person who is a part of that group will be saved. We see that in today’s passage, as Paul speaks of the reconciliation of the world (the Gentiles) and the restoration of Israel. Nevertheless, such corporate language is a hint that the number of the saved will be substantial. We should therefore expect—and pray for—God to bless the outreach of His church. View Resource

  • Wild Olive Branches Devotional

    Romans 11:16-18

    As fallen human beings, we are constantly tempted to believe that the reason we are Christians is that we are somehow better than others. Even within the church, we are tempted to believe that we have a monopoly on God’s grace and that others who are not part of our denomination are second-class citizens in the kingdom of heaven. This is a tremendous error, and one against which we should be vigilant at all times. If we find it in ourselves, let us repent. View Resource

  • Broken Branches Devotional

    Romans 11:19-22

    In the name of Jesus, many Gentiles have committed atrocities against Jewish people due to their rejection of Christ, showing that Paul’s concern about Gentile arrogance was not unfounded. Those who committed such evils may not have been true believers in Jesus; however, our Jewish friends and neighbors may be unable to make such distinctions. This calls for sensitivity on our part as we preach the gospel to Jewish people and are firm that salvation is in Jesus alone. View Resource

  • The Miracle of Restoration Devotional

    Romans 11:23-24

    Scripture teaches that the elect can never fall away finally, but it also tells us that the Lord works in and through our decisions to keep us from such a fall. The Bible’s warnings about falling away are real; it is just that we know the Spirit uses them in the hearts of the elect to make us persevere. Do you want assurance that you are elect? Consider how you respond to these warnings. If you take them seriously and seek the Lord’s face that He would preserve you, then you are His child. View Resource

  • Israel’s Temporary Hardening Devotional

    Romans 11:25-27

    Dr. Sproul also comments, “There is a future for ethnic Israel.” The church is not Israel’s replacement but its continuation that fulfills all that the true Israel ever was under the old covenant—that assembly of believing Jews such as Moses and believing Gentiles such as Ruth. God’s people will always include both Jews and Gentiles. We Gentiles must not pridefully think the Lord loves us more than the Jews, but we must work for harmony between all peoples in the church. View Resource

  • God’s Irrevocable Gifts and Calling Devotional

    Romans 11:28-29

    God does choose to bless corporate entities, but not everyone who professes membership in a blessed group will fully enjoy the blessing. At present, there is a distinction between the invisible church and the visible church, and only at Jesus’ return will that distinction be done away with. When God says salvation is for Israel or for the church, he does not mean every individual member of that group but ultimately only those who possess the faith they profess. View Resource

  • Mercy On All Devotional

    Romans 11:30-32

    John Calvin comments that “there is no reason why they who have a hope of salvation should despair of others; for whatever [Christians] may now be, they have been like all the rest. If [believers] have emerged from unbelief through God’s mercy alone, they ought to leave place for it as to others also.” The Lord shows mercy to all kinds of people, so we must never think that someone is beyond the reach of God’s grace. Let us not be surprised when He saves sinners. View Resource